Nov 30 2015

Need To Know: Brazilian Beijos + Male Motherhood + Tebow's Booty Stall + Guys, Guys, Guys + A Tanner Year For Celeb Weddings + It's Gonna Be Adele + MORE!

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Mais importante do quer ser homem com H maiúsculo é ser homem com H de HUMANO ❤️🌻🌹

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*widget boy cultureBrazil's 2 hottest (straight) actors make out on TV to protest homophobia. Images

*widget boy cultureMen could give birth within five years???

*widget boy cultureTim Tebow's GF quit him due to no sex.

*widget boy cultureHot guys galore.

*widget boy cultureSo sexy, it's just not right:

*widget boy cultureAn Olsen Twin got hitched.

*widget boy cultureSinéad O'Connor threatens suicide.

*widget boy cultureHow Brandon Skeie lost 100 lbs., found his voice & a smokin'-hot bod.

*widget boy cultureBen Carson thinks Syrian refugee camps in Jordan are “really quite nice.”

*widget boy cultureHuckabee, an architect of anti-abortion lunacy, shrugs off Planned Parenthood responsibility.

*widget boy cultureAdele's 25 sold 3.38 million in one week, shattering all records, becoming year's bestseller. Images

GiphyBye, bye, bye: She toppled *NSYNC's 15-year-old record.



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Hot Cop Arrested For Hit & Run

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Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 12.04.40 AM

Office Chris Kohrs, who became famous as the Hot Cop of the Castro when Armistead Maupin posted a widely circulated image of the muscular man in blue, was arrested today on suspicion of being the driver in a hit-and-run accident in San Francisco.

Nov 29 2015

Ted Cruz Goes Full-On Crazy: Brands Planned Parenthood Shoot Trans, Leftist Activist

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This is remarkable. This is not your run-of-the-mill political attack, this is an aggressive act of libel against trans people in order to deflect attention from the right-wing talking points that ginned up the loon who killed three at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood location.

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Your Nightly Briefing: Gregg Homme

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Check out the sizzling new styles at Gregg Homme. Every one of these images is smoking hot.



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Gift Books For Gays & Gay-Adjacents

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Sample_pagex750Sample page from EM20

Queerty has helpfully included Encyclopedia Madonnica 20 on its list of books to consider giving to your friends this holiday season!


Ends Of The World

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