Sep 03 2015

Need To Know: Speak Softly, Carry A Big Selfie Stick + Girls' Locker Room Boycott + Look At Me, I'm Sandra B. + Hairy Situation + CELEBRITY BIG Blunder + MORE!

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That-Darn-Cat-classic-disney-18061174-1067-800Dean Jones (January 25, 1931—September 1, 2015) in That Darn Cat! (1965)

*widget boy cultureDisney-movie veteran Dean Jones dies @ 84. Images

*widget boy culturePresident Obama employs dictatorial selfie stick in Alaska.

*widget boy cultureHigh schoolers betray trans classmate, stage walk-out over locker access.

*widget boy cultureOfficers to be tried separately for Freddie Gray death.

*widget boy cultureSandra Bullock's new beau is HOT.

*widget boy cultureNothing comes between Joshua Michael Brickman and his jeans: Images


#NothingButJeans by @sergeleephoto for @fashionablymale, styled by @according2kai I will love you 'till the end of time.

A video posted by Joshua Michael Brickman (@joshuambrickman) on Sep 2, 2015 at 5:07pm PDT


*widget boy culturePre-order my new book!

*widget boy cultureChristina Applegate as Meryl Streep = priceless.

*widget boy cultureIf you like hairy dudes, you'll LOVE him.

*widget boy cultureCelebrity Big Brother UK almost let Janice Dickinson die on camera.

*widget boy cultureJames Haskell combats homophobia in his way. Images




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Sep 02 2015

Your Nightly Briefing: CUNT[EES]

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  Photo Sep 27, 6 25 40 AM Photo Sep 27, 4 42 11 AM Photo Sep 27, 4 42 31 AM Photo Sep 27, 4 43 44 AM Photo Sep 27, 4 54 50 AM Photo Sep 27, 4 57 06 AM Photo Sep 27, 5 33 18 AM Photo Sep 27, 5 41 06 AM

My buddy is the creator of CUNT[EES], which has Madonna-related and gay-couture items like that Who's That Girl shirt and those tube socks with the giant screw on them. Love it all! Check the gallery, and check the Web site here.

Note: Aqua and pink rubber shorts are by Tableaux Vivants.


Ends Of The World

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Sing Hallelujah, C'mon Get Shirtless!

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CZaBD0OPu2OrftL8cHUVMIGhjroSiU3NRucGVE1huQE,Rk0O8-mGas1SJuCMLPh-2WympARVb_QDcbVPO6lxEnU,cnEajfxq-sJ6ehwTcKtVwJ9ET7X1irblg1NHp5A7LR8,mtoyhPiuDDYaQr_1UcwE7Eq4srkzSFd5As8n34htOwY,f9KaXT0JHSTEkWTUU0E9swvN_O_lPOEvPJPBUs5lx_oSeth Sikes has been singing for sell-out crowds at 54 Below recently (my review here).

Last weekend, he performed at a private party in the Fire Island Pines home of Matthew Woolf and Steven Filenbaum. Before guests arrived, Seth used the outdoor location on the bay to do a shirtless soundcheck alongside his blue-haired accompanist, Matt Aument.

He did not do the entire show shirtless, though that might be an add-on his management should consider.

Seth was trying out new old material for his new show Seth Sikes Sings Mostly Judy Garland, which debuts at 54 Below on Friday, September 18. Click here for tickets.


For Your Thighs Only

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Can't Be Fired? THROW. HER. IN. JAIL.

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Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 2.45.31 PM

Read on for what we should do with Kim Davis, the woman who is invoking religious freedom to trample all over people's rights.


Grand Gesture: Marine Wants To Have A Ball With Steve Grand

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Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 10.49.05 AM

A gay marine, who has used his HIV-postitive status to call attention to the importance of fighting the virus, posted a sweet invitation on YouTube: He wants Steve Grand as his date to this year's Marine Corps Ball.

Check out his aw-shucks video invite after the jump, and why the hell didn't I think of this ...

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