Aug 30 2014

Need To Know: 6 Inches Of Summer + Bullet Points + No More Mustache Rides + Dat Gas + Resign Of The Times + MORE!

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Calum 5 seconds of summer“At least now you know what it looks like.”

*widget boy culture5 Seconds of Summer teen flashes his boner on Snapchat. 5sos

*widget boy cultureAmerica officially jumps the shark.

*widget boy cultureCute as hell.

*widget boy cultureEric Decker shaves his man-fuzz.

*widget boy cultureCharlie Crist calls out Rick Scott on gay marriage.

*widget boy cultureThe “Fart Remix” of Nicki Minaj's “Anaconda” is also gross.

*widget boy culturePerfect beach body.

*widget boy cultureMitch McConnell's campaign manager resigns in bribery scandal.



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MusclesMore hot guys if you follow me on Instagram.


Midnight Snack

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Above: Shemar Moore from his Birds of Prey (2002—2003) days. Like him better then or now?


Or is there no difference at all in 12 years???

Aug 29 2014

Your Nightly Briefing

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Worst Son-In-Law EVER

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Baton Rouge TV personality Scott Rogers, who died in a murder-suicide attempt, was apparently involved in a sexual relationship with his killer...who was also his son-in-law.


Rick's Body Shop

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More hot stuff from Rick Stockwell, including another shot of model Ben Horen after the jump...

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The Mighty Casey Strikes Out On A New Career

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Casey Jackson wasn't even a professional model a month ago. I think he's off to a great start!


Come Together As One

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The dancers from Michael Jackson One celebrate the late popstar's latest single, “A Place With No Name”, a quasi-remake of America's “Horse With No Name”...

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