Mar 02 2015

Closing Up Photoshop

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Remember that pic of Cindy Crawford with no Photoshop, and how everyone was all happy she looked rough in the middle and was praising her for being so brave?

Yeah, it was fake. Here's her real mid-section. She's suing mad.



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REBEL, REBEL: Madonna On Tour August 29 Through Early 2016!

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Madonna's Rebel Heart World Tour is (nearly) here!

She launches in Miami on August 29, plays a few dozen North American cities, then heads to Europe. She will end in Asia and, yes, Australia.

Mar 01 2015


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Ends Of The World

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Ciao Italia!

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Via Kirsten: Today, Madonna did her promo duties in Italy, which included live performances of “Ghosttown” and “Devil Pray” for Che Tempo Che Fa. That won't air until a week from today in Italy, but it is confirmed that Madonna will not perform “Devil Pray” for any other TV that's a great exclusive for that outlet.

Madonna Italy


Madonna is rocking D&G and did greet fans outside.


RIP LGBT Rights Hero Malcolm Boyd

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Malcolm Boyd, an LGBT icon, has died at 91. I remember buying his gay priest book on the sly when I was a teenager, smuggling it into my room and keeping it under my bed. It wasn't exactly what I wanted it to be, but it was still a beacon. RIP!


You're Welcome

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