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May 28 2017


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IMG_5210(Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

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May 27 2017

Trump's Ugly American Tour Continues Unabated

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The latest grotesque (Are we living in an SNL sketch? If not, can we?) moves by Donald Trump from today:

The G7 leaders went for a stroll in Sicily— but Trump insisted on riding in a golf cart and waving instead. There's that legendary stamina for ya!

Then, while everyone was supposed to be listening to his Italian host's speech, Trump opted not to even wear his translation earphones — and to take a nap:


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25 Years Later, Madonna's STILL Too Hot To Handle

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Giphy(GIF via Warner Bros.)

Madonna's “Erotica” was censored by MTV upon its release in 1992, shown briefly (thrice!) and then exiled.

Decades later, it popped up on YouTube along with all of her other memorable and not-so-memorable videos, where it remained for years.

Now, out of the blue, YouTube has decided “Erotica” violated its terms of service, and has removed it

Probably the work of anti-Madonna stans with too much time on their hands and very short-sighted visions — hurt (ha) Madonna, even if it's a blow against sexual expression.


Vimeo has it ... 

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Trump White House Deliberately Excludes First Husband Of Luxembourg From Photo Caption

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DA3aaSLXoAAO3MU.jpg-large(Image via Facebook)

In a junior-high-level insult, the White House's official Facebook page posted an image of all the NATO spouses ... and then deliberately omitted the name of the First Gentleman of Luxembourg, Gauthier Destenay, from the caption!

Just days ago, people around the world were celebrating the groundbreaking image. Now, with the husband of Luxembourg's PM Xavier Bettel shit upon by Trump, there is no mistaking just how pettily anti-LGBTQ the Trump Administration is.

Don't even bother pretending it's an oversight. He's the only dude in the picture.

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6-PACK — World OutGames Disaster + Jared Kushner In The Hot Seat + Tory Shame + MTV Stud Strips + RIP Zbigniew Brzezinski & Gregg Allman!

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WorldOutGames(Image via World OutGames)

WIDGETKenneth in the (212): The World OutGames, a 1o-day LGBTQ sporting event, imploded Friday — as it was about to begin. Only soccer, aquatics and country-and-western dance events, plus a man rights conference, remained.

World OutGames Jocks — E-Mail Me With Your Stories

The Facebook post that called it all off:

World-OutGames-gay-canceled(Image via Facebook)

WIDGETPolitico: Jared Kushner is a target in the probe of collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign — and his alleged desire for a secret backchannel with the Russians was “not only highly improper but possibly even illegal.”

WIDGETBuzzFeed: Tories exposed as having close ties to gay-conversion therapy churches, orgs.

Mike-Creszenzo(Image via Instagram)

WIDGETOMG Blog (Work Unfriendly): MTV stud Mike Crescenzo naked and alert!

WIDGETThe New York Times: Conservative Dem Zbigniew Brzezinski, dad of Morning Joe's Mika and advisor to Jimmy Carter, dies @ 89.

WIDGETExtraTV: Country-rock legend — and Cher's ex-husband — Gregg Allman dies @ 69. Stars react. Cher's touching tweet:

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Another Big Elimination On RuPAUL'S DRAG RACE — Sue Me, I Agreed With This One!

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RuPaul Untucked(Video still via WOW)

I have liked almost all of the girls on this season's RuPaul's Drag Race, so I wasn't happy to see the latest one go — even if I think it was her time.

Watch the latest Untucked for all the B-T-S goings-on ...

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Guydar: Walks To Remember

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IMG_5071(Images by Matthew Rettenmund)

More Hot Guys Here — Likes & Follows Appreciated

More guys after the jump ...

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May 26 2017

6-PACK — I'm Digging Taye's Selfie + Disney Star Chokes The Mouse + Trump's LONG Russian Ties + Even Boehner Says Trump's A DISASTER + I Always Feel Like Somebody's Arresting Me + BOYS Galore!

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Taye DiggsOh, Taye! (Image via ABC)

WIDGETBoy Culture Tumblr (Work Unfriendly): Taye Diggs (accidentally?) posted a pic of his bare butt to Snapchat!

WIDGETGay Fleshbot (Work Unfriendly): Disney Channel star Kenton Duty does his duty solo in this leaked video.

WIDGETJoe.My.God.: Nobel Peace Prize winner recalls Trump begging for Russia position 31 years ago!

WIDGETHuff Post: John Boehner says Trump has been “a complete disaster.”

WIDGETDListed: Rockwell — yes, the '80s singer/son of Berry Gordy — was arrested for assaulting his maid.

WIDGETOMG Blog: Your chance to watch the acclaimed shorts in Boys on Film 16: Possession, including Pyotr495.

Pyotr495(Image via Pyotr495)

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