Jan 25 2015

Express Your Selfie

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Shirtless muscle

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Jan 24 2015

11 O'Clock Number: Janis Ian - FLY TOO HIGH

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How supple her voice still was—and this is 2008, decades after her first impact...

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Your Nightly Briefing

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Via Just another hot guy.


Front-Loaded: Quinn Jaxon

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Via Late Lounge Lover.


You're A Disgrace To The Human Race, You Know That?

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The late Nelson Sullivan's 1,900 (!) hours of NYC-in-the-'80s video footage is safe and sound with NYU's special collections, and some of it is available for viewing here. The stuff is priceless.


Gay Marriage For Alabama

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Gay marriage is a reality in Alabama—the law banning it was ruled unconstitutional, and there was no stay granted. Look, American Sniper got an Oscar nomination, so now we're even, okay, the South?



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Sneak peek of Madonna's MOJO cover (February 2015). Wowza.


The Truth Is OUT: Yep, He's Straight

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As a former magazine guy, I understand that magazines are going to put people on their covers to sell copies, so Out is gonna have straight people. Still, it's a little odd to have him on the cover while inside he is asserting he is heterosexual, therefore is never hit on by guys.

He does, however, look good in underwear.