Apr 28 2015

To A Tee: Rory McIlroy For MEN'S HEALTH

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Pro golfer Rory McIlroy shows off his bod for Men's Health (May 2015), with photos by Peter Yang.


Apr 27 2015

Baltimore Nightmare

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Terrible that the situation in Baltimore has deteriorated so. The death of Freddie Gray was reprehensible, but the protests have turned violent, cops have been targeted and injured and looting is happening. The mayor has imposed a curfew, and the governor has declared a state of emergency.


Rally For Marriage, Demonstration Against Reisner & Weiderpass

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Tonight at 6 p.m. was the rally for marriage equality in Times Square, ahead of this week's final arguments at the Supreme Court on the matter. A couple of hundred people gathered while several speakers amped up the crowd, including married gay couples, married gay couples with kids and a clergywoman who boldly said that we need to move on from anything in the Bible that doesn't lead to God. (She's talking about all that anti-female, pro-slavery, anti-gay, anti-shrimp-eating crap.)


IMG_3538Think pink!


IMG_3553This (male) Lady Liberty spoke no English, but asked one of the Spanish-speaking gay dads to translate the Biblical references. He commandeered this sign from the (very few) anti-gay protesters.

Then, there was a smaller but spirited protest outside The Out NY on W. 42nd St., urging people to boycott the hotel because of the actions of owners Ian Reisner and Mati Weiderpass. This group swelled once the Times Square rally wrapped (late). It was a little disorganized, with some calling for Reisner and Weiderpass to make generous donations to gay groups, and at least one man demanding they keep their money.



IMG_3654The message was clear.

Cries of shame had passers-by curious, and everyone I told about what the event was all about reacted favorably—and were shocked to hear the owners of the gay hotel had no idea Ted Cruz was virulently anti-gay.

IMG_3670Sean Verdi is not forgotten.

The event also had a visible contingent in support of the late Sean Verdi, who was earlier found dead in the bathroom at Reisner and Weiderpass's apartment after one of their very well known all-night parties.



IMG_3684Cries of, “We'll be back and we'll be stronger!”

It will be interesting to see if LGBT businesses avoid The Out and the Pines over this issue, or if Reiser and Weiderpass's dual apologies will blunt the protest.

Click here to find out about the group—10,000 strong—on Facebook that's encouraging a boycott.



Ends Of The World

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More like this at my Instagram.


Jayne Meadows Dies @ 95

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Jayne Meadows, the widow of Steve Allen, the sister of Audrey Meadows and an actress on the stage, in movies and especially on TV for many decades, has died at 95.

I found it touching, in her obit (at the link), that her sister's last word was, “Jayne.”

Updated: Last Star Standing post, of all the oldest stars still with us.


Let's Hope Joe Manganiello Has More Than 2 Lines This Time!

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Magic Mike XXL Joe Manganiello poster reveal!


Why Equality Can't Wait

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In advance of the Supreme Court's historic decision regarding marriage equality, check out this heart-breaking story of two men for whom marriage didn't come soon enough...

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Spots The Mark

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Help Mark MacKillop raise cash for stripping at Broadway Bares here.