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Apr 23 2017

Herstory Repeating Itself

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Nazi-adjacent Marine Le Pen will advance to the final vote in France, along with independent candidate Emmanuel Macron, so we will get France's Trump vs. France's Trudeau.

Scary that Le Pen did so well, but — if normal polling and prognosticating are to be believed anymore — Macron is expected to easily defeat Le Pen when Round 2 of voting commences May 7.

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Bananarama: I WANT YOU BACK!

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Bananarama(Image via

Via Facebook: One of the most successful girl groups of all time, Bananarama, is reuniting for a UK tour. 

What makes the tour so special is that it features the group's original lineup, including Siobhán Fahey, who left in 1988 to form Shakespears Sister!

In a simple message posted to Facebook, the trio wrote:

Miss Fahey is BACK!! & We're so excited to be going on a UK Tour this November/ December 🇬🇧 Be sure to sign up & check out our new website #Bananarama2017

To refresh your memory, some of the great tunes from the group in its Fahey era:

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Some Things Are Black-And-White

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Klan3(Image via Str8UpGayPorn)

Meet the idiotic gay-porn actor from Europe who thought a gigantic, full-color tattooo of an aroused Klansman gazing upon a black “native” was a great idea. (Work Unfriendly)

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HEAT INDEX — Ginger Root + Here's The Beefcake + Colby Melvin + Lee Rider + Jonas Sulzbach + Logan Moore + Jack That Stripper + John Cena + Tom Daley & Dustin Lance Black + Poetry Slam!

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Hot-ginger-guy(Image via Metro Weekly)

HOT RAGS: (Above) Gays, gays, gays!

Gay-Trim-muscles-beefcake-guys(Image via Trim)

BEEFCAKE 4 SALE: Get you some Trim, fellas.

PUTTING THE A-S-S IN ... : Colby Melvin is has a new job. (Work Unfriendly)

Lee-RiderNote the Rider. (Video still via BBC)

RAW RIDER: Lee Rider doffs his top for EastEnders.

MR. EVERYTHING: Ex-Mr. Brazil Jonas Sulzbach shows third leg. (Work Unfriendly)

Logan-Moore(Video still via Logan Moore)

BROKEN-HEARTED: Sad for gay-porn star Logan Moore, who is single. (Work Unfriendly)

ENJOY THIS STRIP: Is he strippin'? (More meat here.)

THE COUPLE THAT STRIPS TOGETHER: John Cena & his fiancée got naked on YouTube.

John-Cena-nude(Video still via YouTube @ The Bella Twins)

LE COUPLE: Tom Daley & Dustin Lance Black show off their couplehood in Paris.

Tom-Daley-Dustin-Lance-Black(Video still via YouTube @ Tom Daley)

POETRY IN MOTION: Welp, that's one way to get me to read a poem:
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6-PACK — Gay Rocker Used To Spread Hate + Prepare To Meet Your McMaker + We're So UNTUCKED + Guys Galore + Ross Lynch Plays Jeffrey Dahmer + A Web Series To Make Gen X Cringe!

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VIcky-Beeching(Image via Facebook)

WIDGETFacebook @ Vicky Beeching: Lesbian singer Vicky Beeching learned the hard way that we are not post-gay — her beaming face became a hateful meme.

WIDGETDListed: The new, official U.S. McDonald's uniforms look like what someone would be wearing when you wake from a drugged sleep in a European youth hostel.

WIDGETYouTube @ WOWPresents: In case you're in need of a good Untucking after that sad, shocking Season 9, Episode 5 of RuPaul's Drag Race

WIDGETKenneth in the (212): Big boy jammed into a Speedo. (Bonus biceps.)

205e5ba23ae099e403956391bd5c4ee9Ross Lynch's killer body

WIDGETExtraTV: Former Disney Channel heartthrob Ross Lynch  talks about slipping into Jeffrey Dahmer for My Friend Dahmer: “It was almost like I was home.”

For laughs:

WIDGETYouTube @ EIGHTY-SIXED: Larry David's daughter has a new Web series and it's pretttty, pretttty good. Keep reading to watch Episode 1 ...

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IMG_3322(Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

Follow me on Instagram here — thank you!

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Signs Of The Times

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*IMG_3432(Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

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Erin Moran, Boy-Crazy Joanie On HAPPY DAYS, Dies @ 56

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Erininrecord(Image via ABC)

Erin Moran, the youngest major cast member on Happy Days (1974-1984) and later a co-star with Scott Baio on the short-lived Joanie Loves Chachi (1982-1983), has been found dead from what is suspected to have been a heroin overdose.

She was 56.

Moran was also a regular on Daktari (1966-1969) and made six (!) voyages on The Love Boat. Her credits were sparse, however, aside from the all-time classic Happy Days, which led to many jokes.

I always loved her for being on the make on the show. Her catchphrase? “He's quite a hunk!”


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