Sep 02 2014

Apple Top Girl

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I keep hearing Madonna/Apple rumors. Feels right. What do you think?


Mantiques: Stage-Door Sally

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Bob Deutsch was the king of ambushing stars for photo ops at the stage door, but he really struck gold with the above Bob Goulet (November 26, 1933—October 30, 2007) shot, exhaling directly into the camera.

Below, another superhandsome actor after a night of theater...

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Signs Of The Times

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Hangin' With Mr. Cooper: Jim Parsons On ADWEEK

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Jim Parsons covers Adweek, which proclaims him to be America's favorite nerd. I think Parsons, unlike previous favorite nerds like Bob Denver and Jaleel White, has a strong career ahead of him.

Jimparsons-hed-01-2014Looking like a hotter Anthony Perkins, yet another famous so-called “nerd”

In the feature, he speaks about his character from Big Bang Theory, in a way that seems to imply that Sheldon is gay. I always thought “Sheldon”'s sexuality was indeterminate:

“Being part of that community, one of the things I’ve always said is that it’s nice when you see gay characters as normal people; what’s even better is when it’s not even worth remarking about. This is who this person is; he’s just another human.”

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SCRUFF Love: Big Changes

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SCRUFF isn't only about finding someone's mustache to ride—anymore. Founder Johnny Skandros is joined by activist Jack Mackenroth in a video announcement that expands the hook-up app's reach and its purpose...

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Need To Know: GUIDE Post + Bacall Girl + Puppy Lust + Copycatfight + My VANITY FAIR Laddie + MORE!

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Hardy Boys“Hardy at work”

*widget boy cultureThe ultimate gallery of vintage TV Guide covers.

*widget boy cultureLauren, Katharine, Lana, too...

*widget boy cultureChris Meloni is a walking boner.

*widget boy cultureBrian Sims is even cuter with a dog.

*widget boy cultureMadonna vs. Gaga: Part 11,000.

*widget boy cultureSurvivor lead singer Jimi Jamison dies @ 63.

*widget boy cultureBritney Spears references her cheater ex in concert.

*widget boy cultureJamaican gay activist folds, fearing violent reprisals.

*widget boy cultureA lawyer in the year 2014 sent an email calling AIDS “the gay plague.”

*widget boy cultureThis is what ever happened to “Mikey” from the Life TV commercials. 

*widget boy cultureGorgeous Roberto Bolle for Vanity Fair.

Roberto-bolle-vanity-fair-01Dancer's privates



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Midnight Snack

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Here's a flashback to a shoot I did with 98°—a shirtless pic of both Jeff Timmons (above) and Nick Lachey (below)...

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