Jul 25 2014

Your Nightly Briefing

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Via bahamvt.


Ends Of The World

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How Would You React?: Sibling From Hell Tries Her Best To Wreck Brother's Same-Sex Wedding

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A sweet Facebook friend of mine got me boiling mad with a post he made this week. At his recent wedding to the man of his dreams, his sister gave him the above card. He notes:

“Every other card was gender-neutral or mentioned two grooms. What's worse is that it came from a family member. I am insulted.”

He is certain she did not innocently choose the first card she saw. He says the two had not spoken in two years, but he felt pressured to invite her and her adult children (two of which did not even RSVP, let alone attend):

“I was told I had to invite family—all of them—by my parents. This was a complete slap in the face to my husband and me. Even my 18-year-old niece was able to find a gender-neutral card. And yet, my sister asked my mother via text (during the wedding service, I might add) if she had to bring a gift.”

Got that? Texting during the service if a gift was necessary.

What would you do in this case? Would you have invited your disapproving sister in the first place? Once she did this, would you confront her?

I feel for my friend. We don't all deserve the family we get—and they don't always deserve us!


Gifs That Keep On Giving

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Nick Bateman is everywhere these days.


Room With A View

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  Mark-MacKillop-shirtless Mark-MacKillop Mark-MacKillop-underwear Mark-MacKillop-nude

To benefit Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, performer Mark MacKillop—who took a slew of artful iPhone selfies while on tour internationally with West Side Story as Riff—is releasing a coffee-table book called Rm. XIV.

“Surprisingly, traveling with 30 cast members and a 30-piece orchestra left me feeling, at times, incredibly isolated and lonely. So I started this photo series as a way for me to connect with friends and family, and give an intimate look at living on the road.”

The book, which recently raised $11,000 (!) and was successfully funded via Kickstarter, will have an into by Billy Porter and a foreword by artist Robert W. Richards.

You can pre-order yours here.


Chexytoons: Crystal-Closeted Liberace

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Via Chexy Decimal.


I Will Be Your Father Figure

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The dad is sexy, but the kid is so cute that I think the cuteness might actually win...

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Maksym K. Mooney, Won't You Please Go Now?

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Oh. My. God.

I will never use Airbnb as an owner based exclusively on this one nightmare situation. Keep reading more here.


Need To Know: Boogie Woogie Bulge Boys + REAL Cute + Not Fonda Murdoch +

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AbsThere's so much more to him than just muscles. There's also the peen.

*widget boy cultureWhat do you see first, his bulging abs or his bulging...?

*widget boy cultureSupercute Danny Roberts from The Real World is still adorbs.

*widget boy cultureBuzzfeed's Chris Geidner is NGLJA's Journalist of the Year.

*widget boy cultureWhy would Rick Santorum want a photo op with Eric Stonestreet???

*widget boy cultureJohn McCain sad that he has no dinner invites from President Obama.

*widget boy cultureJane Fonda lashes out at Rupert Murdoch.

*widget boy cultureAngry landlord decapitated tenant while she was alive, dismembered her.

*widget boy culture50 Shades of Grey is the worst book ever. Looks to be the worst movie:

*widget boy cultureSHOCK!: Megyn Kelly has no idea what she's talking about. Amanda-Lepore

*widget boy cultureLong Island Medium's Theresa Caputo called a fraud.

*widget boy cultureAmanda Lepore inks book deal.

*widget boy cultureThe new Giovanni's Room can sell her book!

*widget boy cultureThat Madonna snippet was a re-do of “La Isla Bonita”.

*widget boy cultureJust like the dude in the first link, this one also has a lot going for him:

ShirtlessThey don't make them like this anymore. Well, they do, but it's harder to make them—they're so stuck up!


Guydar: Cell Yeah!

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Muscular-hottie-NYC-IMG_7528Via my sexy-dude Instagram

Hot guys with their cells...

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Feed Me: Chris Meloni's Package

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Chris Meloni Facebooks a closeup of his enormous package under the guise of making a joke about his hungry dog. He knows his fans.

Jul 24 2014

Take This Umbrella And Shove It!

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“Mary Poppins” (Kristen Bell) is about to fly off without an increase in the minimum wage. Killer last line!


Your Nightly Briefing

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Via queen bitch.


Ends Of The World: Ryan Greasley For DNA

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Via DNA #174: Yummy Ryan Greasley, as shot by Simon Le. See his cover after the rump. I mean...jump...

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Daley Record: Tom's Revealing New Calendar

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  Tom-daley-2015-calendar-front Tom-daley-2015-calendar-january Tom-daley-2015-calendar-february Tom-daley-2015-calendar-march Tom-daley-2015-calendar-september Calendar

Tom Daley's official calendar for 2015 has beautiful images. But as my pal pointed out, the full-length of him in the aqua shorts is incredibly revealing, more so than he usually gives up.

Buy it here.


Like A Surgeon: Is There A DR. MADONNA In The House?

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My pal's new Web series Dr. Madonna is...well, it's called Dr. Madonna, so you'll need to watch it...

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Want Some Action?-Figures: Sexy, Beautiful, Nostalgic Madonna Dolls To Blow Your Mind

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  Madonna-Dress-You Up Madonna-Dress-You-Up-2 Madonna 80s Madonna 80s2 Madonna-AMA Madonna-Blond-Ambition-2 Madonna-blond-Ambition-3 Madonna-Blond-Ambition Madonna-Breathless Madonna-Desp Madonna-Frozen Madonna-Interview-2010 Madonna-La-Isla-Bonita Madonna-LAP Madonna-Material-Girl Madonna-Oscars Madonna-SuperBowl Madonna-TB Madonna-Virgin-2 Madonna-Virgin

Gallery of 20 Madonna dolls above!

Doll savant Cyrus Lee Bronock is one of the only people to ever create dolls based on Madonna that look exactly like her. Remember those official Dick Tracy abortions? Check out the amazing likeness in the gallery above to wash them out of your brain forever.

Cyrus says:

“I have been an artist and doll collector since I was 10 years old. I sculpt, use watercolor dioramas and acrylics. I was upset that Madonna dolls were never made! So I took things into my own hands. Also, I am a big Madonna fan. I created the head mould and cast a mould for it, then filled the mould with plastic. I hand-paint each Madonna doll's face with care. First I sold them on eBay, but now I sell them exclusively through commission.”

Hit him up if you always get your Madge.


EXCLUSIVE: Classic Teen Mag BOP Ceases Monthly Publication

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Devon-on-bop-magazine-coverBop Magazine, founded in 1983, has ceased monthly publication, becoming an occasional special. Those in the teen world recognize Bop as a staple of the scene, a go-to for whatever makes tweens squeal. The publication was initially black-and-white with color pinups, but had, over time, become all-color.

The company that owns Bop, Laufer Media, also owns a slew of other '80s and '90s teen titles that have changed hands over the years, such as 16, but its only regular publication at the moment is the ultimate teen mag: Tiger Beat, born in 1965, which is as of the first quarter of 2014 the #1-selling teen-entertainment magazine. Still!

BOP-MAGAZINE_AUG-14How many of these people do you recognize???

Perhaps if there is another teen invasion, Bop and other titles from the past will see re-inventions. You may think there is a current teen invasion, with big stars like Justin Bieber and One Direction in the news on a daily basis, but most of the big-time teen stars of today are old news. New blood is needed—stat.

Good luck to Tiger Beat—it's a keeper!


Good Crawl

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Via Chexy Decimal: Read carefully. I mean get read carefully.


AB FAB's 'Dolly,' Dora Bryan, Dies @ 91

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Dora Bryan, best known recently as June Whitfield's dotty friend on Absolutely Fabulous in the '90s, has died at 91. The British actress had a long and fruitful career in radio, TV and film.