Aug 20 2014

Sometimes I Feel Like This...

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Your Nightly Briefing

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Ends Of The World

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WIN IT: Tickets To Lily Allen In NYC

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I've seen so many great shows at NYC's Terminal 5...and now the great, acid-witted Lily Allen has not one but two shows coming right up: September 23 and 24.

I've got 2 pairs of tickets for the September 24 show. To enter to win, comment this post with your favorite Lily Allen song. I'll pick 2 of you at random to win by September 5 at 5PM ET. (This prize does not include travel or lodging; you must be in the area and able to get yourself to and from the show.)

Good luck, and...f*ck you very much!


Madonna: The Lost Movie Star

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At one point, Madonna was asked why she continued trying to be a movie star. Her response: “I am a movie star.” And she was correct. It's like art; you may not dig the work, but it's not not art, it's just good or bad art, and only in your opinion, and the person making it is, by def, an artist.

So yes, Madonna was and is a movie star.

As far as her success at it, she's had some hits and some spectacular misses, and her acting has ranged from atrocious to really good. (She's never been flawless, IMHO.)

Here's how Decider ranks Madonna's movies.

After the jump, my own list, which combines both her performance and the film itself...

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Hot Lunch

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  Petit-Q-underwear-9 Petit-Q-underwear-10 Petit-Q-underwear-1 Petit-Q-underwear-6 Petit-Q-underwear-5 Petit-Q-underwear-4 Petit-Q-underwear-2
Petit-Q-underwear-3 Petit-Q-underwear-7

French model Thomas shows off (quite a lot!) in Petit Q undies, as shot by Yoann Delattre.


Desperately Paging DR. MADONNA

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The debut of Dr. Madonna is devoted to Desperately Seeking Susan...

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Art Is Dead, Jeans Are Alive

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I usually recoil from art-world satire because it seems to not respect anything about art unless it's a Renaissance painting, but Amy Poehler's take (for Old Navy) is priceless.

I would gladly watch an entire movie with this character. Best outtakes are after the jump...

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