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Nov 30 2005
A Mind Is A Terrible Thing Comments (0)

Looking into the future (hence the Star Trek theme), Laura Bush thinks Condoleeza Rice won't run in 2008. Condi is an unmarried African-American woman with more gay rumors than fellow Republican Jim Nabors and a face as terrifying Condi_1as some of her foreign-policy goals, not to mention being a crony of a (finally!) unpopular president and a member of a scandal-ridden administration. Would she really bow out so early? Yep. CR herself tells USA Today she'll return to her job as provost at Stanford when the dust settles on Bush v2.0. She admits she'll probably be overseeing dissertations on what went right and wrong with the war in if it will be a distant memory then as opposed to an ongoing quagmire. I wish she could take a peek at some dissertations now—she might learn something. (Photo from Mark Shields-Super Genius.)

Me Imprison You Long Time Comments (0)

Convicted kid-porn owner and accused child rapist (not to mention jet-setting sex tourist!) Paul Gadd aka Gary Glitter is irked that his _38222914_glitter150famous moniker led to his most recent arrest. "I hate the name Gary Glitter. It is too famous. Because of it, I draw so much attention." Gary, the name might not be the problem, a rose being a rose being rose being a rose. Also, if he's worried about attracting attention, he might want to stop taking hairstyling tips from Phil Spector and wearing the undersized tops of his Vietnamese victims. VertglitterapHe looks ready to dance with his penis tucked between his legs while wearing a dress made from a little girl's epidermis. He's currently in a Vietnamese prison, awaiting a trial that could lead to the firing squad, and Paris of course wants him extradited so he can be questioned by the fashion police.

Can I Be Kosher If My Dad's A Pig? Comments (0)

One story many blogs have been hyping in the "what will the richies think of next" vein is the already infamous bat mitzvah thrown by shady Long Island (surprised?) CEO David H. Brooks at the Rainbow Room in NYC. Tabloid Baby has amazing exclusive photos that raise eyebrows and questions. I think the media's focus, in general, on the decadence of the party (it's been reported that he spent $10 million to transform the space, provide booty-ful gift bags and hire 50 Cent, Don Henley, Aerosmith, Stevie Nicks, Ciara and Picture_1_3Kenny G to play) has obscured a more serious angle: Brooks manufactures body armor through his company DHB, which has directly profited from the war. Okay, fine: Grocers make their money selling us the food we need to live. But while there is no shame in earning a living by meeting a need, Brooks personally made $72.6 million dollars in 2004, more than a 13,000% raise (beats your 5-10% cost of living raise, huh?) from 2001. He's pocketed so much cash in such stealthy ways that the SEC is curious. All that and his product faced problems with recalls when its ability to actually repel bullets was challenged. Enlisted men and women fight in Iraq either to protect American principles of democracy OR to enrich the already rich and powerful. Isn't David H. Brooks a living argument for the latter? He has so many dollars he can afford to piss them away 50 Cent at a time. But what's also interesting to me is to compare the musicians to the man who hired them. He's making his money however he feels he needs to with no regard for where it's coming from in relation to how it's spent, and so are they.

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Nov 29 2005
Music For Boys Comments (0)

April of 2006 will bring a new 12-track Pet Shop Boys CD. I hear they worked with Trevor Horn for the first time since the "Domino Dancing" days (one of their many creative peaks). The CD is said to have 10 brand-new songs, Diane Warren's "Numb" (last heard on PopArt) and some kind of intro. Music to my ears.

Nov 28 2005
If the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Calls Me...I'm Here! Comments (0)

Halle-fuckin-lujah. Blondie is going to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Yes, Miles Davis, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Sex Pistols and Black Sabbath, too. But the very most Blondie_1important thing is that Blondie gets in. Deborah Harry is the rare singer whose voice has improved with age, and The Curse of Blondie is a shamefully overlooked pop/rock classic, one of their best works—here's hoping that the buzz generated from this honor will keep it from being their last album of new material. BTW, they beat out Chic, The Stooges, Grandmaster Flash and The Patti Smith Group after being nominated for the first time...even though they've been eligible since 2001. Atomic!

Flaunting It Comments (0)

Madonna continues to nyah-nyah the naysayers with a French Elle layout that gloats at her inability to Cover_1bloat. This is a great shoot with far less intrusive PhotoShop wizardry than some of Steven Klein's admittedly beautiful Confessions sessions. I guess looking good is the best revenge, although suing someone's taut ass does help you feel better, too. Mad_1
A Belgian won a plagiarism suit against Madonna based on scant evidence that a few bars in his earlier song sounded like a few bars in Madonna's 1998 song "Frozen" (which he apparently never heard until recently). Now, the composer behind "Music Sounds Better With You" is threatening legal action for Madonna allegedly stealing the Chaka Khan sample he licensed when doing that song back in the day...a song that everyone already knows quite heavily references Madonna's "Holiday." Someone's going to pay, pay, pay!

Nov 24 2005
For The Birds Comments (0)

Legendary vocalist Yma Sumac is probably one of the only singers I've heard whose throat might actually be packing the oft-advertised, never-achieved four-and-a-half octaves. Certainly, Cyndi Lauper and Mariah Carey don't have the ability to sing in Ymafrequencies that birds understand, a legend associated with Yma. I discovered her music in the '80s and literally weeks later, she was making a totally rare appearance in Chicago, conveniently close to where I was attending college. I went to her show (alone), she sang lower and higher than I've ever heard a human sing and I later requested permission to kiss her hand when she received fans after the show. She dramatically extended a heavily lotioned and perfumed mit for me to smooch and graciously, perhaps too, signed my program. I was in a phase where I was fixated on collecting Ysgorman_3autographs...I was at Field's for Cher's perfume launch and got to ask her a question, met Ultra Violet and had her sign a lightbulb (so it'd be an Ultra Violet lightbulb) and wrote away to Shana to praise her "I Want You" 12-inch single (she replied with a lengthy, handwritten note and dubbed me "a good fan"), had authors inscribe their first (and last) books to me, gnashed my teeth in envy when a roomie stuck around a few minutes longer than I after a Eurythmics gig and got Annie Lennox's bored scrawl. So as you can see,Ysdivapose_1 I was all over the map when it came to autographs. But collecting Yma's autograph(s) was a favorite pair of memories. "Pair" because I doubled my pleasure, turning up as the first person in line at her Rose Records signing the next day or so. Behind me in line was a crazed fan with a little trunk FULL of Yma vinyl singles. Obviously I was not the fan he was, so why did I need to be first? I think stardom is fascinating, but it's been devalued by phony stars like Tara Reid and Anna Nicole Smith and any guy from Laguna Beach. Yma Sumac is a star, whether she's an Incan Princess or a New Jerseyan named Amy Camus, and even if she admits on her site to enjoying Jerry Springer. I'll probably never appreciate Yma's singing as much as our avian friends, but I did a Google search on a "lark" and found she's very much alive, still warbles on occasion and looks pretty damn good for 78ish. Catching site of her made me feel like a bird-watcher spying a rare species: It's a pleasure to behold and just to know it exists.

Nov 23 2005
525,600 Tickets Comments (0)

Actually, 525,600 tickets wouldn't be a very positive outcome for the movie version of the long-running musical Rent, since it would only bring in about $5,256,000 over Thanksgiving weekend. Hopes are much higher; with 2,433 theaters showing what has to be the queerest big-screen movie ever aimed at the masses, Rent will have a nearly equal shot at movie-goers as the mainstream farce Just Friends at 2,505 sites. I saw Rent on Broadway immediately after it opened and liked it a lot. The songs were fresh and memorable even if the story did feel somewhat like a Walt Disney World version of the lives of some starving artists with and without AIDS: Bohemia Land. The movie struck me the same way.Rent_2 It's not bad, but it didn't blow me away. The singing is terrific, the songs retain their catchiness and emotional tug (the preview audience cheered ecstatically as soon as it started) and the actors, wisely kept from the original with only two famous exceptions, are strong despite looking every minute of their 30something ages.

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