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Mar 31 2007
Take Me Out Of The Closet Comments (0)

Frederick_wellerWeller deserves a big following, gay or otherwise. From here.

Takemeoutcast_2The April 10, 2007, issue of The Advocate has a piece on Broadway actor Frederick Weller, whose nice piece shot him to fame in the original cast of the not-wearing-very-many-clothes baseball drama Take Me Out.

Fred's a great actor aside from looking good showering, and if memory serves, he's as nice for real as most pro athletes just pretend to be. The article had me reminiscing about my meeting with him 11 years ago, when I interviewed him for the UK's Attitude regarding the release of Stonewall. Now, The Advocate refers to the film as a classic, but at the time there was a lot of controversy about its historical accuracy. But it has a lot of heart, and so does he. My full, unedited piece on Fred from back in the day follows after the jump, including my observation that he was predisposed to the stage, my identifying him as a star in the making (to be fair, what else do you say in those kinds of articles?) and his stating he wouldn't ever show the family jewels because, "Schlong on celluloid is usually pointless." He relaxed his thinking later on, at least for the stage.

Aadvocatee2The Advocate's new chat with Frederick Weller.

In The Advocate, Fred discusses his new Terrence McNally play Some Men, in which he plays six characters, some of them queer. The openly hetero Weller is surrounded by lots of out gay actors, of whom he says, "[N]one of the guys I'm working with are closeted, and it seems like that's the healthiest way to be. Sure, they're not Hollywood superstars, but I still think it's honorable that they're not trying to keep anything secret. I'm glad there's nothing about me that I have to keep secret."

Some Men? He's some man. Check out my ancient profile on a future Broadway star after the jump.

Frederick_weller_43_photo_joan_marcUnfortch, Fred only acts gay.

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JP A-OK Comments (0)

I mentioned that Instinct had gone to the JP Calderon well twice by adding some outtakes from its popular Jpcovercover story on the Janice Dickinson Survivor (the best way to conjoin his credits) in its new April 07 issue. Here they are. It's odd to see them and think how amazing this person looks, how people even look this amazing, and try to square that with, "Duh, you just met the guy in person and he was very real and very nice, fanboy." Anyway, he knows how to take a good picture, a nice attribute in a model.


Following are the rest of the JP pictures from the Boy Culture premiere, for completists and other homosexuals.

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Putting The "X" In HX Comments (0)

Manhattan's venerable party paper HX covers Boy Culture—literally. Check out Derek Magyar aka X with a full head of hair and read Lawrence Ferber's excellent piece inside. There's also a nice shot of Shequida, Omer and Tommy Ritter at the Barracuda Boy Culture promo party, which was my first clue that I'm no longer young...I mean, I was there, too! (Totally kidding. This was not my first clue.)


Mar 30 2007
The Great Non-White Hope Comments (0)

Rainbowflag_2Here's a nice piece in the Washington Blade that seems to place Boy Culture as the multi-culti savior of the spring's gay-themed film offerings. Next, it's on to the White Party...where perhaps Boy Culture will inject a little color into the proceedings!

Who Knew, Auntie Rue? Comments (0)

G_enre_2Figured it couldn't hurt to show the back cover, too.

Who knew Rue McClanahan was still so opinionated? She's like a real-life Dorothy more than a real-life 076792676501_ss500_sclzzzzzzz_Blanche (though her collection of life partners suggests she knows her way around a may-uhn). The Golden Girl gives a fun interview to Genre (April 2007) with lots of gay-interest quotes. She says, "My best friend from the 4th grade was gay!"—and remember that this was in 4 A.D.!

Her new book being called My First Five Husbands...And The Ones Who Got Away, she offers her wisdom on the gay-marriage issue:


"It's an extremely serious step. But, it's also an economic safety net, and it makes sense of gay couples to have the ability to be next of kin when there's a health crisis...[T]hank god, some states have gay marriage as an option. And civil unions, if they give you all the legal protection, are better than nothing, certainly. But, I think emotionally, a gay couple needs that acceptance anad recognition by the community that marriage provides—as well as its legal protections."

Gg_ruemcclanahanShe also hints of some Golden tension, noting of herself and Betty White, "We were the ones who were just in love with doing [The Golden Girls]." To Bea, or not to Bea?

Of Broadway (I saw her in that revival of The Women and found her a bit trying, but she rocked in Wicked), she says, "That's a wicked schedule, that Broadway musical bit. I'll never do another one!"

Next up, Rue's in Here! TV's Ryan's Life, a TV show about home-seck-shuhls. I subscribed to Here! to try Dante's Cove (not for me), so I'll make sure I try out her show not once, but "many times, many, many times!"

"I Still Can't Wrap My Head Around Eating Meat" Comments (0)

Sc000bee9f_2Paper's April 2007 issue reeks of style, but their selection of beauties (it's The 10th Annual Beautiful People Issue) is not skin-deep enough for my taste. I only found four guys I'd consider beautiful, and they're all pretty conventional. The unconventional choices tend to be kinda skinny and East Village, whereas my unconventional choices would tend to be kinda chunky, hairy and yet persuasively self-absorbed.

Anyway, here is my Top 4 from among Paper's slim pickins:

Sc000c1b79#4 = Chris Pine

"The breaks that I've gotten have been in movies that aren't exactly for me," says Pine, who starred with Lindsay Lohan in Just My Luck and Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries 2.

Sc000c22df#3 = Jason Lewis

"God, I am so bored of myself," Mr. Sex And The City observes. Nothing some media training can't fix.

Sc000c072c#2 = Matt Cavenaugh

Matt says confidence is what turns him on. "Isn't that what we always find sexy about people?" Not always. A hot-faced Broadway baby in the supine position is sometimes twice as compelling.

Sc000c72b4#1 = Chris Evans

Chris went buff after giving up vegetarianism. "I was looking like Christian Bale in The Machinist," he says, flaunting (God, remember him in Flaunt???) his movie IQ. "I'm not against eating animals, but I felt the process of doing so could be done with a bit more respect. I still can't wrap my head around eating meat." It moved when I read this and thought of Chris saying "wrap my head around eating meat." He's a great-looking guy and sounds brainy. Don't worry, Chris, the cows you consume are probably grateful for the opportunity.

Mar 29 2007
All Men Are Not Creatine Equal Comments (1)

Sc000acad2_2No whey!!!

It's not that Ryan Reynolds was too good for Alanis Morissette, it's just that he's too good not to be passed around so everyone gets, you know, a shot. He's the April 2007 cover of the British Edition of Men's Health, and if this doesn't cause men to think thrice about their team, nothing will. It's not a man-crush, guys, it's straight up homosexuality.


Inside, his feature is exactly two-thirds of one page. It's a little diagram with helpful hints on losing weight. Wow, hard to care about because as whenever I stare at him I always wind up with a bag of mini-donuts in my lap. Ryan wants us to eat sensibly and often to stay fit. "Your body doesn't store fat if you're feeding all the time," he says. Hmmm. Your testicles don't store semen if you're ejaculating all the time, either. His final bit of advice for staying lean and building muscle is to use "creatine, L-glutamine, conjucated linoleic acid (CLA, whey, and a multivitamin." It's like he's the male Kelly LeBrock from Weird Science, but if that's what he did to look like that, make whey.

Run For The Border Comments (1)

Erick Elías is a Mexican thespian with a terrific range. He can really act! For example:



Acting gay:


Sc00098484Seriously, he's definitely something for your eyes to absorb like paper eats ink, which is why he's got a layout in TV Notas (Abril 3 2007). He's also got a pretty hot official Web site, at which you can even find expansive wallpapers, video clips and more. The rest of his spread is after the jump.

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