Out In Africa Casual Encounters 

Mar 12 2007
Underwear's The Party Comments (1)

375The first big Boy Culture promo party took place last night at Privilege, and the promo BC undies were a hit with the misses. I'd love to get my hands on a pair but the models would probably object. And my body would probably reject them. But they're pretty hot. There's only one thing that should come between you and your Ginch Gonch, preferably after lots of coaxing. This story is also discussed by Billy Masters, and he throws in an unknown-by-me tale that while Jonathon Trent was doing research for BC by hanging out in M4M rooms, Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband apparently approached him for sex, daaahling. I'll have to ask him about that!

B_undgetattachmentaspx_1The boys in the waistband.

B_undgetattachment6aspx_1Lance Bass shows he has great taste—less filling!—by posing with Jonathon Trent.

B_undgetattachment11aspxProducer Stephen Israel, stars Derek Magyar & Jonathon Trent and co-producer Phil Lobel.

B_undgetattachment5aspxI'm just mad about Jonathon's style here.

More scantily clad boys after the jump...

B_und_getattachment7aspx_1Brokeback Mountain never had it so good.

B_undgetattachment4aspxB_undgetattachment2aspxThe boys were givin' it away last night.

B_undgetattachment10aspxB_und_getattachment8aspxGiving good face while surrounded by underwear models.




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