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Jul 28 2007
Air Kiss Comments (1)

The Advocate (and many other online sources) has picked up on Star's apology for the "NOT NORMAL" designation it gave to a "Man to man" kiss between Adam Sandler and Kevin James that I blogged about. I am satisfied with the apology, and it's nice that The Advocate reported on this, but the thrust of The Advocate's coverage is on the editor's explanation for the piece...when the really important and interesting part of her statement was as follows: "We are proud that we support the gay community and will continue to do so."

I think that statement goes beyond trying to explain a lapse in judgment or trying to enlighten us on the finer points of humor and becomes an outright endorsement of the gay community. That, to me, is breaking (gay) news.

Adv_2Very nice! A link would have been very nicer!



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