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Dec 30 2007
Male Figures Comments (1)

Sc00048b89Is Becks too posh for me?

Until now—with Arena (December 2007)—I've pretty much resisted the Becks craze. Yes, he's good-looking. Yes, he has the body of death. But he isn't on my list. He's too into it, somehow. And I can't open my heart to people on Scientology's hit list, even if the cult has so far apparently failed to recruit him.

The underwear ad was almost something I had to post, but I like this picture better, ridiculous coat and all:

Sc00049b54Man fur.

Also in Arena is a list of "Forty Under Forty"—40 what? Movers, shakers and...underwear gods like David Gandy, whose salary is quoted:

GandyHe only makes "low six figures?"

Dec 29 2007
Breathe On Me Comments (3)

From a blog I just added to my blogroll, Angel City's Devils, check out this insane work-out video. I kind of hate that the creator edited in America's Funniest Home Videos-style clips and otherwise tampered with what looks to have been already hysterically campy source material, but I'm pretty sure you'll laugh:

Dec 28 2007
Ram-faux Comments (1)

The poster for Stallone's new Rambo is very cool...but looks nothing like Stallone. I think it's a dead ringer for Colin Farrell, another mercenary figure.


Dec 27 2007
I Am A Franco American Comments (2)

James Franco graces the cover and appears inside the new Tokion, which at least refrains from dubbing him the new James Dean. Instead, they play up how he's the opposite of his Spider-Man character, an intelligent young art collector. Luckily, this went to press before his infamous wasted MTV interview. No matter, he's still foin:

012_2 013_2


Super Fly Guys Comments (2)

Sc00058d71aStan Jouk in Steel-Cotton Gripper Trunk (2007).

Flaunt (#89) offers an incredible look at 25 years of CK underwear entitled "Birth Of An Icon" shot by Arnaldo Anaya-Lucca that follows the highlights of the underwear innovations made by Klein over the years:

Sc00059be9aJoshua Walter in Ribbed Classic Tank Top (1983).

Sc0005d597aGarrett Neff in Body Hip Brief (2001).

Five more hot shots after the jump.

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Dec 26 2007
Hombres Of The Year Comments (1)

You can always rely on TV Notas (Diciembre 25, 2007) for beefcake, and its "Anuario 2007" doesn't disappoint.

Underwear model turned TV star William Levy:


Manhunt International runner-up turned soap stud David Zepeda:


Dec 25 2007
Merry Christmatt Comments (10)

Today is my birthday as much as Jesus Christ's—whose birthday I really do wish were celebrated in the summer instead—travel to families would be miraculously better!

But Merry Christmas and thanks for stopping by my blog today or any other day.


Dec 24 2007
A Reminder: Stop Overeating Comments (1)

I gain five pounds every year, so staring at the bodies of men like Dr. Robert Rey, Andy Baldwin, Justin Timberlake, George Eads, Shia LaBeouf and Hugh Jackman is a good exercise to remember that every seasonal snack packs a paunch. On the other hand, staring at them just makes me crazy for Hello Dollies, Speedy Little Devils, cake, cookies, candy...

From Star (December 31, 2007):


Yes Icon Comments (1)

Sc0003dfd0Tired...tired of being admired...

The new issue of Swindle is the Second Annual Icons Issue. Some of their choices are undeniable (Debbie Sc00040f09Harry, Marianne Faithful, David Lynch, John Waters, Deepak Chopra), some are refreshingly offbeat (Amy Heckerling, Naomi Wolf, Betsey Johnson) and some are...fucked up (Dee Snider, Dolph Lundgren, Adam Ant). More bizarre still are some of the taglines—Debbie is a "Timeless Sexpot, Vocalist, Actor" but is she really a "vocalist?" Wasn't Peggy Lee a vocalist? (In her feature, she confesses touring is "really tiring, really hard work. I guess you get the swing of it.")

Lundgren, who I haven't laid eyes on in a decade or more, is called "Action Hero, Olympic Athlete, Ex-Scientist" and admits he suffered from "imposter syndrome" over his sudden '80s fame. He describes Andy Warhol approaching him at Studio 54 to snap a Polaroid of him, asking, "Why don't you take your shirt off?" Lundgren "ended up in shorts or something."

Spaceman Buzz Aldrin is most well known of late for saying he had seen a UFO and then denying it, but there's no denying his recent, take-me-to-your-leader facelift, a procedure that rarely sends me on a man.

Sc000436dcWe have facelift-off.

Waters claims to "always keep up with the times" and "never look back," but reserves a special hatred for the fans who insist on cellphone pictures. "That's the bane of your existence. A lot of good it did Mel Gibson."

Even with some missteps, it's a compelling issue. And where else would I have learned that we have a bus-accident settlement ($6,000) to thank for Steve Buscemi's acting abilities? He spent the money at The Lee Strasberg Theatre And Film Institute at his dad's urging. That runaway bus carried him all the way to Fargo and beyond.

Dec 23 2007
The Doctor, Ordered Comments (2)


"Getting Big With Eric Dane" by Drew Tewksbury in the new Flaunt (#89) is a weirdly funny piece about the author's tortured work-out alongside McSteamy. ("You're doing great, you're gonna feel better than you've ever felt after this," Dane coaches—what a personal trainer!) But the photography by Michael Muller is no laughing matter, ranking as among the hottest and intense shots yet of the Grey's Anatomy...well, hunk:


Between the sigh-inducing pinups are some more personality-driven shots that give us a glimpse of what little Leonardo DiCaprio might look like when he's all grown up (Oh, wait...?). Those equally hot pictures are after the jump.

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