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Jan 31 2008
Super Duper Tuesday Comments (0)


The most amazing thing I've ever seen at DailyKos—a blow-by-blow of how Super Tuesday will unfold for the Dems. Or how it could. But what I like about it is the inclusion of all the variables...I don't like etched-in-stone predictions, like those ones from 2000: "Either Gore will win Florida or Bush will."

The McCain Scrutiny Comments (0)

I think this parody ad actually jumps the gun—I already had faith Obama or Hillary would be running ads highlighting his idiotic war and economy statements once the Dems have finalized their nominee.

Live To Eff Another Day Comments (0)


Towleroad has a great PSA from Chi Chi LaRue on behalf of that is must-see PC. I've argued a lot on this blog about the difference between fantasy and reality when it comes to porn, but hadn't seen others making this model-centered argument. Chi Chi does that and more. I think it's more effective to tell someone "Duh!" than to shame them moralistically, and I think he does that perfectly. (Small quibble: That condom that is opened underwater in a chlorinated pool...I'm not so sure that would be safe to use.)

Chi Chi has gone up several notches in my book.

Now about drugs in porn...

Where A Girl Loves A Boy Comments (0)


Completely Made Up Comments (0)

Sc00055c5aQvest Edition is a new, twice-annual supplement to Qvest Magazine that fills over 450 pages with unedited fashion editorials and commentary. The cover story is a portfolio by David Armstrong using makeup artist Peter Philips called "I Feel Strong" and it's really overwhelming—it's about 50 pages of stunning models in body paint and applied materials that suggest a modern-dance feel. There is a lot more acting in this than simple posing:


Three more striking shots...keep reading.

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Jan 30 2008
Hold It, Don't Drop It Comments (0)

18819254It ain't funny.

Fisheye2Leah Remini is braying to that she and her hubby are "auditioning" for godparent roles to Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's twins. (Or was that "auditing?") I'm not a J.Lo fan, but there is no reason in the world Jennifer Lopez should even be aware of who Leah Remini is aside from the fact that J.Lo's father is a Scientologist, which provided an opening for Remini to glom on to the fashionable hyphenate. Now she wants access to the developing minds of her children? Jennifer—you've not shown yourself to be a genius in many ways, but it doesn't take a genius to watch Rosemary's Baby and transpose Leah with Ruth Gordon. AVOID.

LeahStay "Brave," J.Lo!

Ad Men Comments (0)

Lucien_pellatfinetLucien Pellat-Finet.

Gay Days Comments (0)

The Calendrier Têtu I was talking about earlier this week is the kind you'd never hang on the wall. It's almost too good to even open up and look at. Some of the guys are pornstars, which only further bolsters my contention that if you're hot enough to be a pornstar (as opposed to being hot enough to appear in porn), you're hot enough not to be a pornstar and to instead be a model. (Of course, this overlooks the fact that some men who do porn get off on doing it—they're not all gay for pay!)

Case in point, how about Damien Crosse, a Titan Media Exclusive? Unless he's four feet tall, I don't get his career trajectory. He's a bartender and porn actor. Why not a model? I suppose by being in this magazine (shot by Randall Mesdon) one could argue he is a model; but you know what I mean. Great-looking guy, maybe the best-looking blogger ever!


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