The Second Black President The McCain Scrutiny 

Feb 29 2008
DeGenerous Comments (5)

As a gay activist, my motto is usually: I'm gonna make you sweat till you bleed. I don't have patience for arguments about how closeted gay actors have to be that way because otherwise they couldn't make even more millions. I do understand, though with some skepticism, the argument of some that they're simply not provocative and prefer to be apolitical. Such has been the case for not harassing Ellen Degeneres—isn't it enough that she's openly lesbian and running the second biggest talk show on TV? She came out when it wasn't fashionable, and while she is not a constant advocate, she doesn't seem to be biting her tongue like a closeted person. (Harvey Fierstein disagrees—he really trashed her recently in Attitude, saying she only came out to save her show and has done zilch for the community since.)

But whether or not you allow Ellen leeway in this arena in general, this is pretty fucking spectacular:

I wonder if she is following the lead of another prominent (gay) figure when it comes to correcting the media's initial indifference to the Lawrence King story? They both deserve credit for stepping up to the plate.



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