Why Don't We Do It On The Road? Are You Ready For It? Rockin' Steady For It? 

Feb 28 2008
Give It 2 Us Comments (8)

From an Aussie radio station, a leaked image of the 12 tracks rumored to make up Madonna's next studio album, Hard Candy, which drops April 29:


We've heard "Candy Store" and "Beat Goes On" and parts of "4 Minutes" (formerly "4 Minutes To Save The World"). "Miles Away" has been called a dance anthem, which I assume will also be applicable to "Dance Tonight." The other titles are interesting. I like "Spanish Lesson" as a title. I'm hoping "Devil" isn't a warning to avoid the devil tongue of gossip or something ridiculous.

Can't. Wait. (Thanks to Chris.)

UPDATE: Track-by-track descriptions at DrownedMadonna.com.




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