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Apr 30 2008
Salon Salute Comments (1)

Hardcandy460You don't have to be rich and be a fan.

Every major and most of the minor reviews I can think of have been positive or better for Madonna's Hard Candy, making it probably her best-reviewed since Ray Of Light...though I do recall Music being quite well-received, and Confessions On A Dance Floor was also considered a critical success.

This Salon piece here by James Hannaham is beautifully written, understands Madonna and truly takes the time to contextualize what she's up to:

"The underappreciated but ultimately more influential Madonna has always been the multifaceted feminist of 'Deeper and Deeper,' 'Papa Don't Preach' and especially 'Like a Prayer,' who can't control her own desires, doesn't need to control yours, and blames her parents for any faults she cares to admit ('Oh Father').

"Vulnerability makes that version of Madonna sympathetic but not weak. She exists in harmony with the one who encourages fans to verbalize their feelings and get down, sometimes simultaneously ("Express Yourself," "Into the Groove"). It's hard not to side with her when she embarrasses herself by trying to go confessional or political, gets too artsy, or reveals too much flesh ('American Life,' 'Bedtime Story,' 'Justify My Love,' 'Sex'), and it's always delightful to see her recover from gaffes that would obliterate someone else's career. Madonna's at her most compelling when even her blunders expand our view of what's possible for women."

True, and I think part of what makes a star of her magnitude, what makes any serious artist, is the willingness to do things that might be called stupid by others; you can't be great if you hesitate.

It Makes No Difference If You're... Comments (13)

Getattachment1aspxEasy ride...last in line, still got a wristband. And I look like a scalper!

So I spent all week calling contacts to try to get into Madonna's Roseland show tonight. I started with a friend whose artist is signed to Timbaland, put feelers out to others in the record biz and eventually asked my parent company, all to no avail. Liz Rosenberg had been kind enough to get me into Madonna's 2000 Roseland gig, a far more important event—it's now all but forgotten, but at the time, she hadn't toured in seven years—and did try to get me in this time, but was unable to help. Finally, a friend of a dear friend had me on a mysterious list that guaranteed entry, a privilege for which I was willing to pay through the nose (one nostril only—the scalpers were charging the two-nostril rates), but she was only "95% sure" I was in as of last night. (She also claimed Danity Kane was "opening" for Madonna...?)

And I was too congested to risk standing in the bitter cold all night.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef00e5521c9bcc88348Flaunting their rubber bracelets—I mean, wristbands.

I woke up around 7:15 as usual to two texts and calls from two of my Madonna pals, who'd braved the line for 10 and four hours respectively, saying the line was moving well and there were no more than 700 people in it. I cabbed over and hopped in at the end of the line and got my free wristband without incident. Well, almost.

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Ends Of The World X 10 Comments (0)


Eight more after the jump...

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Flopping On The Beach Comments (1)


Alain Delon (now 72) was one hot fucker (pardon my French!)...check out his nude run on the beach from the April 2008 Russian GQ...this is from the 1973 thriller (no kiddin'!) Traitement de choc, which somehow flopped. He was roughly my age in this image, which is...daunting.

Jody Of Evidence Comments (0)


Just a little touch of shamelessness from 25-year-old Jody Latham on/in Attitude (April 2008):


And s'more after the jump...

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Apr 29 2008
I Feel For You, Chaka...I Think I Love You Comments (0)


I used to be a sucker for the cute dude on Land Of The Lost...and his dad, too! I was obsessed with the show, but was so young I barely figured out what was going on. Good thing, since it made little sense. I just found the part where they went over the falls, the theme song (ending with the dino roar) and differently-browed Chaka endlessly fascinating.
Chaka_2The image above is from the upcoming movie adaptation, which is said to be comic. Check Towleroad for more info and a Q&A with the director.

They Call Me Bruce Comments (3)


Hating the cover of Arena Homme + this month, even though it has a Picasso vibe and was shot by the usually reliable Juergen Teller. But inside, make way for a fairly riveting Bruce Weber layout. The man continues to top himself...and yet, if he could do that, would he bother taking pictures at all?


If these were appealing to you, please continue for more of the same and a naked chiropractor who's got back...

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