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May 31 2008
You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth Comments (0)


"Give" And Take Comments (31)

Elle_celebrity_madonna_image_124_10Without further adieu, we finally get to see all of Madonna's "Give It 2 Me" (also available here), directed by her Elle photographer Tom Munro and co-starring her Hard Candy partner-in-crime Pharrell Williams:

Unfortch, I read some comments before I watched it, so there is that annoying feeling of "I agree with them, but would have said this anyway...right?" So as not to do the same to you, my commentary is after the jump...

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Guydar X 4 Comments (0)


Three more guys after the jump...

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May 30 2008
Vota Obama Comments (0)

No Matter How Much He Cries, No Matter How Much He Begs, Never, Never Feed Him After Midnight Comments (1)

PhotoI lust the '80s.

Yesterday, I shot a picture of a guy so hot I thought, "I bet he'll be famous one day, and I'll look back at this iPhone snap and realize I have the first image of him in NYC."

Then I got on the N,R in Times Square heading to Union Square and encountered another hot guy, but one who was already famous—Zach Galligan (his blog here)( of Gremlins fame. Wow, did I have a crush on him back then. Beautiful eyes, eyebrows (so important, stop plucking your eyebrows, idiots!) and hair. The epitome of dreamy.

Previewscreensnapz001Zach to the future.

He's still that hot at 44, and that's even in a totally un(aware!)posed subway shot. I should have just said hello, but I was not 100% certain and asking on a subway and being told no would be a hard one to sweat out till the next stop. Anyway, I later Googled him and discovered he's my neighbor. Imagine if he'd been heading to Chinatown...

Considering his movie past, I wonder if his building allows pets?

*Since he links Defamer from his blog, I am hopeful his reaction to this post, should he stumble on it, will be to smile.

4 Seconds To Save The World Comments (1)

DavidpattersonwifemichelleIf you live in New York state, the governor is looking for your opinion on his recent directive for the state to recognize all legal same-sex marriages from other states and countries, even though New York does not allow gay marriage.

Please call 518.474.8390 and say you support the governor's directive. You'll be asked to give your zip code. It takes four seconds.

WTF Happened? Comments (0)

51702i83cbl_ss500_The Scott McClellan book is burning up the 'Net, and with good reason—nobody expected him to savage Bush as he did, including such completely unnecessary (meaning, he could have avoided even going there) tidbits as the president's former (?) cocaine use, not to mention that pesky little war he got us into and doesn't mind leaving us in when the door hits him on the ass.

I was sent a link to Bruce Weinstein, Ph.D.'s "The Ethics Guy" column that examines the writing of the book for its ethics in an interesting way. It's intriguing, because I find many people go through their day-to-day lives without really thinking, "Is it ethical for me to be doing this?" The main considerations seem to be, "Can I get away with this without getting into trouble?" "Can I do this and not be ostracized socially?" or sometimes, "Is this a sin?"

I try to be the good guy when I can in business, and am constantly flabbergasted by the behavior of others, who seem not to care (so much) about right vs. wrong, fair vs. unfair.

In McClellan's case, there are arguments on both sides for doing and not doing the book. Dr. Weinstein believes:

"(1) McClellan not only had a right to pen this book. He had an ethical obligation to do so.

(2) Yes, it is important to be loyal to one’s friends, colleagues, and employer, but it is more important to tell the truth, particularly when lives are at stake, as they are in this case.

(3) Yes, it would have been better for McClellan to have spoken up earlier, but there is no statute of limitations on telling the truth.

(4) Ethics is the ultimate non-partisan issue. The above argument applies not just to Scott McClellan, but to everyone. Had Jody Powell, the press secretary in the Carter administration, or Dee Dee Myers, the press secretary in the Clinton administration, made similar revelations, these too would have been ethically justified."

I agree, especially on #2—I am a fan of the stool pigeon and find America's creepy vilification of whistleblowers to be an obnoxious throwback to bad '20s gangster films. I also love #3 because I despise the all-in, all-out mentality. For example, people who are against those who are against fur will be quick to say, "Do they eat meat? Wear leather?" and people who dismiss global warming point to those who would like to combat it and ask, "Is your air conditioner on right now? Do you ever drive when you could take a bus?" It's not all-in, all-out (unless the person making the claim is proselytizing, in which case pointing out hypocrisy is fair game if not an answer to the question); it is possible to be somewhat wrong (McClellan obviously waited until he was personally safe to start talking, instead of making a dramatic, unpaid speech at the time—which might have affected history for its PR power) but ultimately right (there really is not statute of limitations on truth).


Interesting topics to me...almost as interesting as picturing how much coke Bush must have been snorting to "forget" whether he ever used it at all.

May 29 2008
Fighting Like Dogs And Dogs Comments (0)

My Shih Tzus go after each other with reckless abandon, including some merciless ear wars that inevitably lead to my little bitchlet—Sash—whining as if she's been doused in gasoline and set ablaze while her big bro—Hyphen—looks at her like, "What?"

Here is a video of one small part of one epic battle. It's not too long, and there is a punchline at the end that proves my little Tibetan anti-pacifists having a working comprehension of English:

My Shih Tzus do battle...with a surprise ending!

Also, here are some shots from another competition:


By the end of it, they were one, undulating, furry blur of discord:



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