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Jun 30 2008
He's Got The Part(s) Comments (1)

Sc0004d15c01 Justin Monroe turns in a creepysexycool editorial for GT (June 2008) called "Peepshow" that involves a slutty model cavorting with what appears to be a Clark Gable look-alike mannequin. More after the jump...

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Go-Go Boy Training Begins Early Comments (1)
Pride/A Deeper Love Comments (9)

IMG_2983Mama and Mama's boy. IMG_3051

On Thursday, I flew to Chicago to meet up with my mom, sister and brother-in-law in order to then drive Friday morning to my hometown of Flushing, Michigan. (I did the flight in order to have the extra five hours with my family in the car. We met up with Dad in Flint.) The mission was to pick up my grandmother and head out to Frankenmuth—a town noted for its German decor and old-school restaurants—where we would celebrate her 90th birthday at Zehnder's.

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Jun 29 2008
Hump Start Comments (1)
From Out (August 2008), model Charles Devoe models everything you need if you're on the go. Though the images, by M. Sharkey, will make you want to be on the Devoe: Sc001dbbc2Sc001dd88c
Jun 28 2008
Fuller Brush-Off Comments (0)

Backpage-bonnie-fuller-vertlargeFearsome magazine editor Bonnie Fuller (who is leaving her $2 million-a-year position at Star) tells Condé Nast Portfolio (July 2008) that "she'd rather not answer" a question about running any stories she later regretted. Isn't that ironic, considering she feels celebs should be grateful to her for building their brands (yeah, that Tara Reid brand is hot 'n' happenin' thanks to Star pointing out the obvious ad nauseum). 

Most juicily, she's asked to rate her former bosses Jann Wenner and David Pecker, both considered to be tough as hell.

"All I can tell you is that David was a great boss. I had a great relationship with him." Pushed on Jann, she stonewalls: "I've had many terrific bosses, and David was a great boss." 

If Bonnie Fuller thinks you're a bad boss...can you imagine?
Jun 26 2008
I Love You Honey, Gimme A Beer Comments (0)

Sc00027531 Male model Alex Beer is the only dude to appear more than once on the cover of reFRESH...and with 50 issues, that says something! What also says something is the fact that he coyly admits to having many secrets he can't reveal and yet can reveal:

"I have a penchant for fetish clubs! I got to Torture Gardens, dress up in leather and interact with sure you can put the rest together!"

No...please paint me a picture, Daddy! Sc0002813d

Disrobing Behavior Comments (0)

Sc00032d40 Just two of Patrick Mettraux's bizarre/hot images from a portfolio that appears in the May-Juin 2008 issue of PREFmag. How much would the Mon-Chi-Chi go for at auction and would it have to be laundered according to eBay's rules?

Jun 25 2008
Bare Essentials: A Review Of Broadway Bares Comments (2)

DickAnd oh, what heights we'll hit!

10843Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS has no greater ally than Jerry Mitchell, the acclaimed choreographer who dreamed up its annual fleshfest, Broadway Bares.

I’d never attended the show, but finally caved in this year under pressure from my friend Jason, who assured me I’d have fun and could stick money into the pants of guys who would be as hot as go-go boys but who could actually dance.

Keep in mind I had never in my life stuffed money into anyone’s g-string. Ever! Would I chicken out?   

VIDEO: Hot dancers, Nick Adams & Christopher Sieber!

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