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Jul 31 2008
I Don't Know Him From Adam Comments (2)

Adam garcia

My all-time celebrity crush is Adam Garcia, the gorgeous star of the UK's Saturday Night Fever revival who's done a mix of film (he somehow played Drew Barrymore's son in Riding In Cars With Boys), TV and theater. I met him once at a press junket for the Drew flick and found him so charming. I had him sign some things, but I'm not sure if I ever got a picture-with.

Now, running around NYC, I just walked past him and was too shell-shocked to ask. All I got were a couple of frantic iPhone snaps. You can't tell from my pictures, but he's still flawless.

After the jump, some of his best pictures—in a Speedo, flexing his bicep and doing other things that impossible cuties do so well...

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Words, They Cut Like A Knife Comments (7)

Christopher Ciccone's bullshit train continues to chug along, even if his book is nothing to write home about...or maybe it is! At a Book Soup signing (video here) Ciccone—who looks like a caricature of a villain from a movie—says his father signed off on the book, only expressing concern that his Hollywood friends like Demi Moore might be pissed off. (What about the person it's about? The one who's painted as utterly soulless? Your daughter, Tony? Sheesh.)

He also laps up his 15 minutes with another catty Demi Moore comment (get over yourself, Christopher...the worst she seems to have done to you is stop hanging around with you) and—ridiculously—offers the kabbalistic words of wisdom: "Your actions and your words affect everything that happens around you; it doesn't just disappear into the universe..."

Where did he first hear that?

Cc1 He also does more fabulous passive-aggression: "I still love her," he declares, saying that is painfully obvious from the book. And there is the helpful comment, "She'll never not be my sister." 

Finally, how about, "Brothers and sisters don't always love each other."

He's so wildly inconsistent when discussing or "writing about" his feelings and motivations. Well, it'll all be over soon, and then we can look forward to part two of his life story: I Did A Reality Show And Then OD'ed In Some Guy's Bungalow. "Ghost"-written, of course.

P.S. Think I need to get over it? Of course I do! Think my assessment of the book is too harsh? Well, here are the suggested tags at Amazon when you're posting a review: 


And The World Is Spinning, And He Keeps On Winning Comments (4)

Barack's so lucky—he's a star! McCain cries, cries, cries...

John McCain's new Obama attack ad (most of which feels more like a pro-Obama ad) is ludicrous in its flimsy critique that because Obama is famous, he is not ready to lead. See, Republicans and many swing voters disrespect the famous people they eagerly pay to read about in the tabloids, to hear singing and to watch acting in movies and on TV. It's rooted in self-hatred; I love this, so it can't be good.

But it's even stupider because the two people used to illustrate fame are Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, both of whom either are, or seem to be, Republicans. Britney's Republicanism has been surmised, perhaps unfairly, from her early, post-9/11 support of our commander-in-chief:
  Since then, she was also rumored to be singing at the 2004 Republican National Convention, which never happened. She's a redneck who enjoys boozing, drugging and whoring indiscriminately while embracing a laissez-faire Christianity...so indications are good that she's a Republican.

Paris Hilton, meanwhile, aside from being an ultra-rich asshole, jailbird and racist, is one of the stars of David Airplane! Zucker's new abysmal-sounding right-wing comedy An American Carol. The movie stars wall-to-wall wingnuts (Kelsey Grammer, Obama-hating Jon Voight and Dennis Hopper) and is about a Michael Moore-type character (played by Chris Farley's untalented brother Kevin, best known as one of the amusing mock boyband 2Ge+her) whose liberal zeal aids terrorists hoping to blow up Madison Square Garden.

These are the girls McCain thinks are the perfect examples of flighty, out-of-touch celebrity.

Why stop there? Was Heidi Montag busy?
A Goode Thing Comments (1)

Film Experience has some of the "goodes" on Matthew Goode, he of Brideshead Revisited fame.

I met him when he was plugging Chasing Liberty, a ho-hum Mandy Moore vehicle (she eventually got out of all her vehicles and walked to the nearest filling station). He was charming and made no bones about drinking beer during a daytime poster signing. For teenagers.
How To Look Dapper Without Really Trying Comments (2)

6a00e54f0c12a3883400e5536c8f368833-320piThe new reFRESH (July/August 08) has a great cover, but it's what inside that counts...and in this case, that refers to a lengthy Adam Bouska portfolio on Marco Dapper. Marco is the straightest gay idol of the past few years, and one of the favorites—my original interview with him to plug Eating Out 2 (in which he was excellent) still nets me ungodly hits. Maybe it's the cock shot?

Either way, tons more Marco beyond this cute one after the jump...


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Guydar: They Had Faces Then Comments (0)





More after the jump...  

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Heaven Scent Comments (0)

Sc0005ec0b Milan Vukmirovic's "Shadows" graces L'Officiel Hommes Paris (Printempts-Eté 2008). The photographer discovers that even cologne has a good sideHi One more after the jump...

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Jul 30 2008
Wild About Hairy Comments (4)

DNA103cover490x694DNA #103 is on the stands in Australia featuring Will Fennell as the cover model. Fennell was the groomer on a blinked-and-you-missed-it Australian version of Queer Eye For The Straight Guy. Great (hairy) shots by Pedro Virgil after the jump...

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