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Sep 30 2008
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From DailyKos.
The Palin Follies: Uncut Comments (0)

Finally, here is the full Katie Couric report.

Sarah Palin claims to have a gay BFF of 30 years who is not her gay friend, but who is just her friend. One who has made "choices" she personally would not make. (I wonder if this means it's one of those women who talked to Good Morning America a while ago?)

She lies and says she believes evolution should be taught as fact, but tells the truth—when pressed!—that she is against abortion even in the case of rape and is against the morning-after pill.

She's dumb as a box of rocks, folks—it's not an act.

She's best when discussing energy because the platitudes are well-worn.

She's toast in the debate, I still think, because she is exhibiting so many signs of paranoia about her answers on top of not being so very bright.
Gotcha! Name Your Fave Mag! Comments (2)

Above: Jesus, she literally can not name one single magazine or newspaper that she has ever read in her life. I know that veep debate moderator Gwen Ifill broke her ankle this week, but how has Palin avoided any broken bones when she's clearly unable to answer the most rudimentary questions without tripping over her own words?

Below: She CLEARLY was making fun of Joe Biden's age in the stump speech. Which frankly is not offensive to me, it's funny. Except, it's also stupid considering her running mate is 72!

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I Can See Clearly Now Comments (1)

This is by no means fair and balanced in comparison to the race-baiting satirical cover of the Obamas, but:


From AmericaBlog:

And yet, despite the compelling evidence that Sarah Palin is in no way ready to be...well, anything!...McCain continues to endorse her as a good choice and excellent running mate: 

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Sep 29 2008
Gotcha! Gotcha Where I Want Ya, Too Late To Turn Back Now Comments (7)

Jesus Christ, they look so, so uncomfortable together. There is no "gotcha" when a citizen asks you a question and you answer honestly...and just so happen to answer in a way that mirrors your opponent. Just own up to it. Just say, "Senator McCain and I have a minor disagreement on this, but he's the boss and I will have no trouble falling in line." This is embarrassing! 

And Katie Couric is just asking questions—she's not even brow-beating them. Imagine Tom Brokaw hammering these two! (Which he won't since he's a fucking Republican hack who's got a permanent hard-on for the "greatest" generation...I dread that final debate!)
There's A Partisan Goin' On Right Here Comments (1)

Here is that nasty, bitter, partisan speech the Republicans are saying killed the bail-out. Um, I'm sorry, but it's barely even passionate—it's just factual. Give me a break! Over this, McCain and Boehner and the lot are trying to say the House Republicans drew a line in the sand? What a joke! McCain owns this failure.
Barney Frank: 'My Dear, Why Don't You Give A Damn?' Comments (0)

Hilarious and pointed commentary by Barney Frank on the failed bail-out plan.
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Fran sc0004768a

There is a fascinating James Franco interview in (drum roll) Interview (October 2008) by Gus Van Sant, in which they discuss their upcoming film Milk. As much as I love Franco, I was most Fran sc0004e1b4 interested in revelations from Van Sant, who says he wanted River Phoenix to play Cleve Jones (way back in 1993), he offered the Milk part to Sean Penn as early as 1998 and he had a phone call with Tom Cruise about playing assassin Dan White while he was filming Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut.

I'm dying to see Milk. Van Sant can be a wildly erratic helmer, but I just have a feeling this will be one of his dead-on works (My Own Private Idaho, Good Will Hunting) as opposed to one of his dead-in-the-water ones (Even Cowgirls Get The Blues, Psycho).

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