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Oct 31 2008
Pretend It's 1978 And You're Straight Comments (7)


This is a schizophrenic post.

Though he has hardened in recent years in a way that I don't find appealing, Matt Dillon was one of my all-time heartthrobs. He still looks handsome on/in BlackBook (November 2008), and has some interesting insights.


Regarding his Little Darlings days, he agrees that for a teen film, the chemistry was rather adult, but Sc0008099b so were other youth films of the era:

"Oh, watch The Bad News Bears. It is so politically incorrect, you cannot even believe. It could never be made now. Walter Matthau driving drunk, the kids drinking beer, smoking cigarettes. Using racial slurs."

Of course, it was remade. But the remake did not pack the same punch as the original, with its foul-mouthed tots.


Regarding his Tiger Beat days:

"It was an outlet to promote films. I probably wouldn't have done that today. I didn't think of it as a big deal. I never liked that stuff. I guess I did a fair amount of it...It was part of the journey. It was fairly innocent.

MdDid you used to Tiger Beat off to him?

Scott-Twiggy Now for something random but partly related; I was just saying how I missed the odd mixture of innocence and prurience that characterized pop culture and even teen culture of the late 1970s. The reason for this thought was I'd stumbled on a video from a Donna Summer TV special in which Twiggy, Pat Ast and Debralee Scott pretend to be streetwalkers:

Debra-lee-scott Debralee was the youth component of which I speak, having starred as Hotsy Totsy on Welcome Back Kotter despite being not exactly teen-aged (she was in her early twenties). I have often thought about her over the years; she reminded me of an older cousin who I used to admire, and she just seemed so cool and carefree and genuinely funny. Despite being so young, I absolutely memorized the Angie theme song thanks in part to Debralee (I just now sat here and sang the bulk of it after a 29-year gap between now and the last time I heard it):

Still one of the best TV theme songs, if one of the worst (Love Boat-reminiscent!) openings.

Anyway, I also recall vividly her stints on game shows like Match Game and Password and I even correctly remembered her from an Earthquake movie (I seem to remember her character on a plane that lands as the 'quake hits, causing lots of shaking before it managed to take off again).

Randomly, I Googled her today and discovered that she had died in 2005. She apparently slipped into a coma for no known reason, came out of it, went home and died a few days later in her sleep. Of natural causes. (Some said alcoholism had led to cirrhosis of the liver.) At 52. Four years after losing her fiancé in the 9/11 attacks.

I didn't know her and her contributions have stuck with me as much for camp as for any other DebraleeScott6 reasons. But I had a genuine affection for her, and it absolutely bothered me that someone so cute and appealing seems to have met such a heartless demise. In a way, it's like the loss of that entire, more carefree era, when nobody had heard of purity rings and it was okay for #1 songs to be about prostitutes, because it didn't really mean anything.
Humor Is Neither Fair Nor Balanced Comments (1)

I remember hating Saturday Night Live when it seemed to go apolitical and smug—the Dennis Miller years. In looking back, Miller and Victoria Jackson were ring-wingers (so is producer Lorne Michaels) oops, Michaels has only ever donated to McCain, back when McCain was a decent R; he seems to have only Democratic donations otherwise...except a Year 2000 gift to Ralph Nader), so maybe that explains the valley of its humor—conservatives can not do funny.

Lately, SNL has picked up because it's not been afraid to have opinions. Fortunately for me and fortunately for the funny, those opinions have favored liberals.

P06snl.190 But for the final pre-election show they're allowing the despicable John McCain to appear (sorry, but it's not just that he's a Republican, it's how he's conducted his campaign) AND they're doing a savage skit making fun of Keith Olbermann? Fuck you, SNL, and fuck Ben Affleck for taking part in it.

Yes, yes, "get a sense of humor." I'll be happy to poke fun at Democratic follies AFTER we are safely back in power.
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...because getting pulled onto McCain's ticket was easier than interviewing for a job at McDonald's!

Don't Vote For Her... Comments (0)

...because Sarah Palin really would be scarier than "the al-Quaeda!"
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S-EAGLEBURGER-large Lawrence Eagleburger, one of those former Secretaries Of State McCain/Palin have proudly held up as supporting their bid for the White House, just sarcastically trashed Palin's ability to take over the presidency. The best he could do was say she would be "adequate" given some time in office and that many other veeps were also not up to snuff. (Which ones? hmmmm...mostly Republicans over the past few decades, right?)

And we made fun of Bill Clinton for not being hearty enough in his endorsement!

This is one of the secretaries whose name McCain was able to remember on Meet The Press...wonder what forgotten-man George Shultz would say about 'er?
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In 2004, I spent way too many hours obsessing over Electoral-Vote, an amalgamation of polling that kept me informed as to just how poorly John Kerry was doing. Except back then, I was desperately hoping that Kerry could overcome Bush in the weeks leading up to the 4th—he'd been behind by a slim margin, finally pulling ahead electorally on that site four years ago today. (For comparison, Kerry had 283 on October 31, 2004, while Obama has, well, somewhat more today.) Then the polls shifted. Was it because of a surprise Osama bin Laden message? I kind of doubt that...Kerry was not seen as weak, foreign-policy-wise, but rather just was not the kind of candidate who motivated GOTV in the same way as George Bush with his Evangelicals. The other side was voting for, we were voting against.

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