Ad Men Oh, My Godfre! 

Nov 20 2008
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Madonna has effectively turned back the clock recently. I was at first reluctant to believe any kind of intervention was possible due to her insane touring schedule...but somethin' is going on.


She's looked good on the tour so far, much better than earlier this year when she first had injections/some kind of lift/cheek implants/or whatever, but suddenly, overnight, Madonna looks 16 or 17 years younger (compare to images I've gathered from 1991 and 1992).

I love these images of Madonna at a UNICEF dinner (finish everything on your plate, kids are starving in...well, not in China anymore, let's say Detroit) because she looks fantastic, that color is one she never wears but that looks great on her and the hideous dress is like old-school, experimental Madonna—remember the Gaultier tutu from Cannes? Thanks to John for the heads-up.

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