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Nov 30 2008
Sick As A Dog Comments (5)

I don't think two weeks have gone by in the past six months that I've had my dogs Hyphen and Sash that we haven't been hustling them to the emergency doggie hospital or the vet's for one thing or another. The latest is an incident with Hyphen.

My little boy is very hearty and never reacts fearfully to anything except for the smell of smoke, let alone has anything ever fazed him pain-wise.

Hyphen at 5 weeks.

Suddenly, today, he ate his lunch and started shrieking, vomiting and losing control of his body. He crawled into my lap and contracted, vomiting and biting my hand. I bundled him into his carrier and we got him to see a doctor quickly. During his examination, he was ultra-limp and lethargic, but only had one more seizure of pain. The doctor thought it could be a parasite or a common disease, or possibly an obstruction (we have let them chew rawhides lately...surprise, another widely used doggie device that can be deadly).

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Score! Comments (1)

This is what would happen if Walt Disney Pictures remade Andy Warhol's film Blowjob:

Oh, no—wait. It's just kids playing video games. ("Immersion" by Robbie Cooper.)
Battlefield Girth Comments (2)


Hanks & Gere should thank this man?

John Travolta is revolting—sensationally bad actor (except in Saturday Night Fever), closet case, pretends his son isn't autistic because that doesn't fit with his world view as a devout Scientologist...what more can he do to annoy me?


He can give an interview in which he laments parts he turned down and say that rejecting Green Mile "gave...Tom Hanks a career!" I'm pretty sure Tom Hanks's movie career kicked into high gear with 1988's Big, and he was bouncing back from some missteps by 1992, when he hit it out of the park with A League Of Their Own, followed by the smash Sleepless In Seattle in 1993 and the career-transforming, Oscar-winning one-two punch of Philadelphia and Forrest Gump. Green Mile? Please!

In the same piece, he says he rejected Chicago (which, along with his refusal to do An Officer And A Gentleman, "gave Richard Gere...a career!") because, "It was a lot of women who hated men and I like women who like men. (laughs) The stage show was kind of vicious but the movie had a heart." UGH. The movie sucked and I will never get over why everyone loves it—Queen Latifah is devoid of acting ability and can not sing, and Catherine Zeta Jones was so bad she almost had to win the Oscar for it. But regardless of my own, highly Kiss personal take, on that movie (which Premiere Magazine did recently note was one of the least deserving Best Picture Oscars of all time...), just to hear him say that Chicago was about man-haters and this offends him in some way is so infuriating.

I guess he just can't understand anybody who can't say, "I've never met a man I didn't like."
Guydar: Miami, Miami, You've Got Style Comments (5)
Miami 2008 209

With big thanks to Doug Habkirk of Canada, here are some "Guydar"-type shots he took during a one-hour period on a trip to Miami. When I opened them I did a full-on Blanche triple-take:

Miami 2008 212

More after the jump...

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BlackBerry's Sticky & Sweet Comments (0)

Some cool footage from behind-the-scenes of Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour, from BlackBerry's site (hence the low quality, since it was for mobile use originally):

I liked the auditions best..."What year was Martin Luther King Jr. assassinated?"
Nov 29 2008
A Terrible Thing To Hazardous Waste Comments (0)


Merry Xmas! Bush rushes to enact a law that allows workers far more exposure to hazardous chemicals on the job. The man is evil personified. He deserves a Ceausescu send-off.
May Tomorrow Be A Perfect Day, May You Find Love And Laughter...Unless You're Gay Comments (5)


If Donny Osmond is one of your best friends and you're gay, will you please step forward? Because one of the world's most famous Mormons (and its most famous nerd) just came out to say he does support Prop 8 and cites his crazy church's crazy teachings that gay marriage will lead to "calamities foretold by ancient and modern prophets." He even refers to this passage from The Family: A Proclamation To The World as "beautifully stated" all the while assuring us that "some of my best friends are gay."

You better hope you don't run into one of your best friends in a dark alley, because stage fright (what a wimp) will be a lot less scary than meeting up with a gay guy whose wedding you just helped outlaw.

What a disgusting bigoted prick.
Touching Peters Comments (3)

CRU Yikes, this new sex suit against Jon Peters (he's already being sued by two women who used to work for him) threatens to be the juiciest item in Hollywood this year if he fails to put the kibosh on it. Already we are informed that the litigant—co-producer Brian Quintana (pictured Cruising at left)—is alleging that Peters sexually and physically harassed him, had other men do the same, fondled himself in front of him and demanded that Quintana "drive male individuals onto the set for the purposes of granting sexual favors for members of the cast and crew." The casting (and crewing) couch is alive and well.

Peters also apparently was battling allegations of engaging in "sexually inappropriate acts in front of children." Fun boss.

The movie set in question? Superman Returns. Directed by Bryan Singer and starring Brandon Routh. Singer has weathered negative publicity regarding sex and movies before, when angry parents sued over footage he shot of their nude young sons for Apt Pupil—a lawsuit riddled with inaccuracies and gay-baiting language that was ultimately dropped. There were also plenty of rumors as to why sexy Brandon Routh was plucked from obscurity to play Superman in the first place, and gay rumors about Routh until he married.

I met the talented Mr. Singer at Outfest one year and found him to be quite nice. I hope for his sake he is not involved in this, but only time will tell. If he is, it's a bad year for him, ashis Tom Cruise Nazi flick Valkyrie is getting negative advance reviews.

3 As for Quintana, his Web site makes him an open book—his bio still proudly proclaims that "as an entertainment executive for Jon Peters, Brian helped re-launch the Superman franchise." His array of me-with-the-stars photos includes Bill Clinton (watch yourself, Brian, he's the original groper!) and every Democrat you can think of.

I generally mistrust big-time producers who crave to be photographed alongside stars and then publish those photos online. And while I don't mean to insult him, I feel like if I were a horny producer I'd pick fresher meat to tenderize. But the story about driving "male individuals" (not "men" then...?) sounds plausible considering the usual suspects.

I hope whoever's telling the truth prevails faster than a speeding bullet.

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