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Dec 31 2008
"Is He Even On?" Comments (2)

(With thanks to Jon...) Funny promo for Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper involves a call-in from Mrs. Griffin and upper-clahhhss Anderson's inability to pronounce two Ts that appear next to each other.
Monument To Moi Comments (1)


I don't know who's got bigger balls, Blago for naming Roland Burris (or anyone) to Obama's vacant Senate seat in spite of being told any pick of his would never be seated, or Burris for accepting. Or maybe Rep. Bobby Rush, who joined them at their La-La-Land presser and basically accused any Senator who would come out against Blago's pick of being a racist. (Reverse racism is probably part of the governor's plan—it wins him a few allies in the black community, who are a big part of the court of popular opinion in Democratworld, and some of whom might be on his future jury!)

Everyone keeps tripping over themselves saying what a great guy Burris is, but a great guy does not accept Blago's appointment when he's under investigation for attempting to sell the seat (he turns it down, like Rep. Danny Davis), especially when said great guy has raised money for Blago in the past... 

...and then there is that pesky monument to himself that the blood-thirsty Burris has going in a Chi-Town cemetery.

Burris (R) with (closeted) Chicago Mayor Harold Washington, who died the moment I moved to the city.

I hope it's emblematic of his appointment—DOA. 

(But then, even if it's dead, it could rise again a few days later. Don't believe in that nonsense? Neither do I...but unfortch, Pres.-Elect Obama sure does. I want him to get into office and do something pro-gay and/or progressive already so I can stop being pre-annoyed with him and enjoy the fact that we got a liberal into the White House for the first time in...ever?)
Good Going, Stranger In The (212) Comments (6)


Kenneth of Kenneth In The (212) has a love/hate thing going on with Madonna that seems, in large part, to emanate from a fault line that runs down 1990 or so, love Dss_back_blog on the '80s side, hate or at least HEALTHY (remember that HEALTHY tee she wore in that Scavullo shoot???...oops, sorry) skepticism on the other. But he loves Desperately Seeking Susan as unreservedly as I do—it's similar to our shared passion for Parting Glances, I would argue, due to the films' representation of a quirky NYC existence we both thought we craved and missed.

Now, he's gone and one-hundred-upped my love for the movie by compiling The Definitive Desperately Seeking Susan Film Soundtrack, righting a wrong (and Making Mr. Right?) since the original soundtrack was not immediately released and has never been given this kind of reverential treatment.

The holidays must be a good time for Kenneth to take his time to write; he's had several posts recently of the nostalgic, reflective variety that make his a site for sore eyes. You can go read about his Susan obsession—and download his meticulously compiled Definitive DSS—here.
Ends Of The World X 12 Comments (0)









More after the jump...

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Dec 30 2008
Packs A Punch Comments (0)

OhLaLaMag hits me where I live with this crazy boxing post:




See the rest here.
Katy Perry Continues Her Campaign To Make Me Love Her Against My Better Judgment Comments (0)


From here.
L'Anglebare Comments (4)


If you don't recognize the flexing British chap above, chances are he doesn't either, thanks to all the PhotoShopping! But it's still an enticing look at just-barely-21-year-old Aaron Renfree, who used to be the elder statesman of S Club 8. If you have no idea who they were/what that was, no matter—he's next to naked here.

Another Famous Male Forums: VIEW discovery is a teaser from the January 2009 Attitude, which features my longtime crush (do 40-year-old men have "crushes?"), UK star Philip Olivier, also practically starkers. Crikey, and all that jazz:


After the jump, one of the best-ever shots of Olivier—and he's taken nothing but good ones...

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Dec 29 2008
Where The Fuck Is Bristol Palin's Baby? Comments (13)


UPDATE: Am I prescient or what??? Later in the day, Bristol gave birth to her "overdue" baby. What did she name the li'l guy? TRIPP. Just like his brother uncle TRIG. Gimme a break.

Remember how Bristol was due December 15, so she couldn't POSSIBLY be the mother of Trig? Well, it's December 29 and no baby. Two weeks late and counting.


I'm telling you—Bristol Palin is the mother of Trig. I have my certainty! (But really, I have a lot of terrific circumstantial evidence and no convincing denials from the Palin camp, such as medical records.)

At least when Bristol gives birth this time (perhaps via induced labor if the mainstream media begins to ask questions), she will have free access to drugs.

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