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Jan 31 2009
"Go Your Own Way" Comments (0)
Below, a random iPhone iPortrait from iLOVESNEWYORK. More by clicking here.


Feminism Has Legs After All Comments (2)


Katie Couric tells Condé Nast Portfolio (February 2009) that she is a feminist:

"Oh yeah. I am. I am. I feel very strongly that women should have equal opportunity. I believe strongly in civil rights. I don't want to get into too much else."

That sounds like she's pro-gay marriage, but more pro-keeping her job.

I remember her stating she was a Democrat in an interview with Rosie O'Donnell on Rosie's pre-outcoming talk show. For that reason and for how unfairly she is harassed in the media, I really like Katie Couric. She's no Walter Cronkite, but who is?
When Lisa Rinna Says She's Anti-Fur, She Means It Comments (1)

Untitled It's called Boy Culture and I rarely post about women, only about men and about Madonna (who is both and neither).

But Lisa Rinna is such a picture of class and elegance I feel compelled to post an image of her taken at the SAG Awards and printed in National Enquirer (February 9, 2009)—she manages to flash her twat on the red carpet. It's not split wet beaver, but still—this is a hard thing to do.

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Too Darn Haute Comments (0)


Flaunt used to be a sexy magazine; lately, the pickin's have been slim. It's too fashiony for me.

I held out hope that their celebratory 100th issue might have a "Flaunt Boy" retrospective, but a moody, grainy fashion editorial by Kevin Amato was as close as it got:


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Jan 30 2009
Carbon Copy Comments (1)


The Republican party has a wicked sense of humor—they just elected their chair in the form of African-American (me-too syndrome, much?) Michael Steele, who had previously run his losing senate campaign as a quasi-Democrat with support from illustrious folks like former in-law Mike Tyson.

The joke part? He narrowly beat out a man who until four months ago belonged to a whites-only country club.
Only In Your Dreams Comments (1)


He is Caio Moreno, and there is even more of him here.
But Does The King Have A Whopper? Comments (2)

PhotoNice bod, but eat at BK and you'll be a tub of lard.

As a kid, I never dreamed the Burger King king would be pimped out like this one day in official advertising. It's all very Hugh Hefner, and is for Flame, "the scent of seduction." I don't get why this kind of gimmick is smart marketing to make people want to eat at Burger King, but I definitely see why it's good for getting your brand noticed.
Anything But Graceful Comments (8)


Eric McCormack sits (literally) for People (February 9, 2009) and discusses his new TV series Trust Me, which looks like Will & Will. But he's not Will, and his publicist clearly made certain that People helped him out with that perception—question #5 out of 5 is, "You've been married to your wife, Janet, for 12 years. Any words of wisdom for Hollywood newlyweds?" The image-healing (HE'S STRAIGHT, REMEMBER) makes the question more informative than the answer.

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