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Feb 28 2009
Ma Belle Comments (4)


I love Michelle Obama's official portrait, even if a pissy brouhaha has broken out over her decision to go sleeveless so often lately (why not? she's got the guns). But the most interesting part is Thomas Jefferson peering over her shoulder. Suck it, Massa.
Dead To Rights Comments (0)

6a00d8341c6d4753ef01127911e00c28a4 One reason I'm not comfortable with the death penalty is that even duh-obvious cases have been proven, in the past, to be not so duh-obvious—innocent people have gone to jail and been on death row and even been executed. And it's undeniable that when it comes to the application of the law, people of color are more often the ones screwed over.

But when you have a case like the one where two men brutally beat to death a guy they saw walking arm-in-arm with his brother (but they thought he was gay), and you catch them and they make a full confession and they're caught on video 19 minutes after the attack and one of them is grinning like a fool...it gets harder to be against it.

Keith Phoenix has been apprehended. Hopefully, he'll get whatever is the worst possible penalty.
Ends Of The World X 8 Comments (1)


I normally don't comment on my iPhotos too extensively, but look at how this one turned out—it looks like a painting—I'm shocked at the range of the iPhone when the lighting is right. Oh, and there's a superhot butt in the upper left.

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Lying Right To Our Faces Comments (1)


Rising right-wing star Bobby Jindal is not only a lousy orator, is not only full of shit, but is also a bald-faced liar.
Feb 27 2009
Get Dem Haters Out Your Circle Comments (2)


I hope People.com is wrong—though they are usually reliable: They claim Chris Brown and Rihanna have reunited, are "together" and are spending quality time at one of P.Diddy's homes. This comes after Kanye West recently revealed—in depth—what a waste of space he is, allegedly raving about the talents of Michael Jackson (molester), OJ Simpson (murderer) and Chris Brown (violent abuser) while simultaneously urging his fans to "never mind" all the "he did" aspects of their lives.

I really hope this is not true. If it is, Rihanna will be sending an indelibly negative message to her young fans, particularly her young female fans, even more particularly her young female black fans.

Getting beaten the fuck up is not okay, it's against the law. Hopefully, Brown will still be prosecuted (last we heard, she was cooperating—but it doesn't matter) and will serve time. So far, no charges.
Taylor Made Comments (0)

AshIn Ash Wednesday, Liz needs a facelift to look young for...Henry Fonda.

Nathaniel at FilmExperience offers a free-flowing list of 77 appropriate ways to celebrate Elizabeth Taylor's 77th birthday today—here.

Sheet Fighter Comments (1)

Sakurairound1 Martial arts star Hayato Sakurai is the latest "celebrity" to gift us with a sex tape (or three). In his case, though, like the notorious one that started it all (Pam & Tommy), the sex appears to be completely real and the participants enthusiastic. Perhaps he was not just trying to get more famous...but was instead just trying to get off?

Totally Awesome '80s: Divine Beat Comments (2)

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