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Mar 31 2009
Pee Wee Hermano Comments (5)


From TV y Novelas (Abril 1, 2009), teen idol Pee Wee (he's 20) flexes his power as a rising star. Two more after the jump...

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I'm From Flushing, MI Comments (0)

Harveymilk Nathan Manske has launched an ambitious and ingenious new site called I'm From Driftwood, whose stated purpose is to gather the stories of gay people from every corner of the world. The inspiration was Harvey Milk's iconic "I'm from Woodside, N.Y." sign of yesteryear.

To gay kids, Nathan writes:

"To the gay teens struggling to come out and deal with their sexuality, who to this day still attempt suicide 4 times more than straight kids, it says 'you are not alone.' Other people have dealt with similar situations, families, communities and churches, and have overcome and are now living happy lives. It can happen for you, too. It gets sooo much better, I promise. Hang in there, kiddo."

Check it out. Pun intended. And send him your stories.
Mar 30 2009
The African Queen Of Pop Comments (13)

Capt.a8ef9536823440239cb3f24353bc26f3.malawi_madonna_adoption_xtm103 Madonna's in Malawi, (hopefully) finalizing the adoption of Mercy, an orphaned girl of about four. (Yes, the term "orphan" applies to one who has lost not only both but also just one parent; in her case, a father is believed to be alive...somewhere.) People are backing off Madonna commentary as much this go-round, though I've read that the locals are grateful even as foreign interests seem to be appalled at Madonna's lack of understanding that it's better to die a teenager after a miserable life in God-forsaken Malawi than it is to luck out and be adopted by someone with the means to give you a good to unbelievably great life far away.

This link leads to lots of images of her current trip—including demure court exits—some of which are gorgeous (with her hair framing her face, she looks 30) and some of which are truly saddening (with her hair pulled back, the cheeks suddenly look like angry zits, ready to explode). 

Madonna in her adoptin' hat.

Interesting that she brought out that same hat for this second trip! Maybe it's a good-luck charm. If so, I can see why she'd wear one—she actually had to endure letting her adopted son re-meet his (crazy) natural father.
Nice (Inter-) View Comments (0)


Everybody's focusing on coverboy Zac Efron, but also inside Interview (April 2009) is this tasty fashion spread shot by Anthony Maule:


Thrill Of The Keanu Comments (4)


Keanu Reeves hasn't aged a day, according to the Spring/Summer Vogue Hommes International. Via Homotography:

Mar 29 2009
Bale Out Plan Comments (4)


He's had a spate of bad PR—scaring his mommy, yelling at an underling—but Christian Bale is still sexy, as Italian Vanity Fair (Marzo 25, 2009) proves:


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More after the jump...

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