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Apr 30 2009
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Justice Souter is moving on—rumor has it he's retiring this year. This gives President Obama his first crack at the Supreme Court. Though he's replacing a reliably liberal justice, keep in mind that Souter was appointed by George H.W. Bush.

Supreme-court At 69, having served nearly 19 years, he's still only fourth in seniority on this court, which means Obama will likely have one or more likely at least two other opportunities to fill vacancies—Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been treated for cancer so may have to leave at some point and John Paul Stevens is 89 years old. If those three were to leave the Court, all three are liberal. Replacing them would help to rejuvenate the court's liberal wing for decades, but...wouldn't it be nice to replace a repugnant justice like Clarence Thomas or Antonin Scalia?

Suggestion to B.O.: BLACK LESBIAN, PLEASE.
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Madonna horns in on manager Guy Oseary's Twitter account. Is it me, or can you just hear Madonna's voice saying this? It would, content-wise, rhyme with, "Impress me."

UPDATE: Seems like what her fans had for Madonna was support regarding her adventures in adopting:

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One of the main criticisms of Perez Hilton regarding the marriage debate he ignited is that he's so powerful, yet doesn't use his site to help with gay issues. I totally disagree with that assessment—I feel like he posts gay-empowered comments all the time. But if drawing cum dribbling out of Tom Cruise's mouth doesn't count, please note that he has really stepped things up, reporting on all the major gay-positive developments of late and posting a very articulate and funny video addressing Carrie Prejean's embrace of her new role as a full-time, 24/7 marriage savior.

Say what you will about his past political awareness, but he seems to be stepping up.
The Best Defense is "No Offense" Comments (1)

So Miss California Carrie Prejean (pictured pre-boob job, which pageant officials have confirmed they bought for her just before the show) is in the process of becoming an outspoken advocate for "opposite marriage." I have to admit I'm surprised. My initial read on her, during her infamous answer, was that this was her belief but that she would have no interest in becoming Anita Bryant v 2.0.

Carrieprejean Now that she has, too many gay people are still whining about how Perez Hilton has created a monster by asking her this TOTALLY FAIR topical question, and then attacking her for being a bigot. Man or woman up, people—Perez Hilton handed us a gift via this exchange. This girl looks like a total hero, but only to the dwindling number of people who care mightily about keeping marriage restricted.

Above is NOM's first ad using her, via Towleroad. It also uses Perez Hilton calling her what she is and Joe Solmonese referring to marriage inequality buffs as bigots. You know what? This ad is going to speak to our side just as clearly because Solmonese comes off as very rational and Perez is of course very offended and emotional so our side is represented as three-dimensional. The Solmonese part alone is worth having this ad widely disseminated because I think his words will strike a chord with more people than hers will.

This is the worst they can do? Bring it. I'm not afraid. Are you?
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Hugh Jackman is sending a supportive message to Madonna regarding her struggle to adopt Mercy—in a new interview, he states, "You don't adopt for publicity. Madonna is coming from a good place."

Isn't Mercy 4?

Meanwhile, Mercy's biological father—who abandoned her and her late mother when she was born—is now petitioning for full custody on the grounds that, y'know he is the father (good argument) and that Madonna is a bad person for dancing nearly naked onstage at 50 and seeing a man (or two?) less than half her age (bad argument...leave morals out of it, deadbeat dad).

Madonna's adoption-suit appeal will be heard Monday. This doesn't look like a gimme!
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News_lg_34 I remember this being discussed when I was in college, and I would have preferred for her to confirm it way back when (while she was still in the "Danger Zone"), but it's nice to hear Kelly McGillis saying she is openly gay. In an interview with SheWired, she expressed that her sexuality has been "a freaking journey."

It's always odd to think that a Hollywood actor would struggle with her sexuality; McGillis says, "I had a lot of things happen that convinced me that God was punishing me for being gay."

KellyMcGillis (L) in 2007 with Siesta (and Madonna video director) Mary Lambert.

I bet she'd be fun to talk to, privately, on the topic of her old Top Gun co-star Tom Cruise.
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Most. Hilarious. Gif. Ever.

Via Sticky, OMG Blog and Four Four comes a link to Heavy Petting, devoted to showing (in their somewhat SFW near-glory) amateur porn shots and video in which pets make awkward, unwelcome, mood-killing appearances:


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