Mallrats Hoping For More Audacity 

Jun 14 2009
Freedom In Iran? So Far Away Comments (3)


People I'm glad I'm not: President Barack Obama and this poor guy, who is protesting the obviously phony Iranian election under threat of arrest and/or worse. How to handle what is essentially a coup in a volatile country whose illegal leadership is also hoping to obtain nuclear supremacy and hopes for the immolation of Israel?

I watched live as Christiane Amanpour implicitly challenged Ahmadinejad to guarantee the safety of his rival Mir Hossein Moussavi, who is now under house arrest, and I have to say I'm more impressed with her and more fearful of Ahmadinejad than ever. It was high comedy to watch the vile man grin as he claimed Iran was stable, the election's results should not be questioned and that his people have "nearly absolute freedom."


"We have nothing to hide," he told an Arab female reporter...who was required to be almost entirely covered except for her face. She asked her question after effusively praising him for his win, something an asshat reporter from El Pais also did—"I love you guys!" he gushed, saying he'd been around Tehran since the 1970s revolution.


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