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Jun 30 2009
Certifiable Comments (2)


Just think of everything President Obama hasn't done for gays just since Al Franken won—and Franken is only now considered the actual winner! It's almost time to go into re-election mode. Certify him, Pawlenty. Don't be a douche.

UPDATE: Coleman concedes. He should concede that he's a fucking undemocratic asshole and less pretty than Sarah Plain and Tall, too.
Weekend At Michael's Comments (5)

Rudolph-valentino So for all the people who bawled their eyes out and beat their chests when showed an image of Michael Jackson in death, I wonder how they will react now that it appears his family would like for there to be a public viewing of his corpse at Neverland? Who knows, they might even charge. I am wondering how long it will take for this greedy, desperate family to have the audacity to ask fans to contribute to a fund for the formerly rich man's children even though his likeness and recordings will eventually wipe out his debts?

PreviewScreenSnapz001 I said before that there is a history of famous bodies being displayed, and of course it's still quite common for funerals to be open-casket. Like Rudy Valentino and Elvis Presley before him, both also huge icons and huge lovers of spectacle, it's only fitting that he would be gussied up EIGHT DAYS after his death so his fans can check out the ultimate Madame Tussaud's exhibit. Why not just drive him around the country? Quite gross—if true.
Reverse Negativity Comments (4)


All the rest of the Louis Vuitton ads featuring "Madonna" are now available by clicking here. I would like the artsy take more in a magazine layout as opposed to in an advertisement—it just looks like they were desperate to make the bag and the bag look pretty, not to mention this is the best the bunny outfit has ever looked. I would rather see the original shots with maybe some eye wrinkles swiped and the rest as is. I'm a fan of Madonna, not of her reverse negative.
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I couldn't identify more with this yellowing image of 14-year-old Curtis Tucker receiving his iconic Farrah poster if I tried! Yet another FF remembrance here.
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"Poseidon" by Pieter Henket captures Edilson Nascimento at his most perfect, whether he's modeling swimwear or lounging in the raw in the surf:



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"Day Off" by Vincent Ferrané is a sensual, chic editorial from TETU (Juin 2009) starring sultry model Nil Hoppenot:


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Breaking news: Kerry Degman is hawt. More proof here.


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