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Jul 31 2009
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Madonna.com has been updated to announce that Celebration includes "34 songs that changed the world plus new music including the title song 'Celebration'".

Literally, that should mean 36 tracks (unless they stupidly used "plus" to mean "including," in which case we only get a measly 34).

If you look at the newsprint behind the Mr. Brainwash image, lyrics are clearly (and not-so-clearly) visible for the following songs:

"Live to Tell"
"Lucky Star"
"Ray of Light"
"Don't Tell Me"
"Papa Don't Preach"
"Like a Prayer" (barely visible at the far left just before it gets dark at the bottom)
"Die Another Day" (lyrics two columns to the right of "Everybody" toward the bottom)

Add those to the lyrics visible within the title treatment:

"Miles Away" (seriously???)
"You Must Love Me"
"Take a Bow"

Also, remember the "fake" track listing I posted about earlier? One reason it seemed silly was the funky, old-fashioned typewriter font used...but that is the font used on some of these lyrics. BUT. That treatment had 38 total tracks, so it's fake.

UPDATE: In related news, I was surprised when Dashusland pointed out that Jesus Luz is actually on stage for Paul Oakenfold's pre-show on tour with Madonna:

Sticky & Sweet When Wet Comments (7)

An acquaintance of mine attended Madonna's Sticky & Sweet show in Oslo last night and reports that it was an absolute downpour throughout. Apparently, the people working backstage feared Madonna could not possibly go back out each time she left the stage...but she did, completing the entire show in soaking-wet conditions.

From the video above, you can see (and hear) Madonna valiantly singing through the dousing. A hilarious picture from a Norwegian paper reveals her PUC who accompanied her for parts of the show (which was truncated only in parts, such as abbreviated choreography on the slippery stage):

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Via Towleroad: Gay-basher Eminem, who every star from Elton John on down has declared a genius, calls Nick Cannon a "faggot" in his new "The Warning," an admittedly clever (if crazily obsessive) lyrical drive-by meant to put Mariah "Mary Poppins" Carey in her place over her denials that they were once an item.

What was she thinking???

Mariah_eminem.JPG In the rant, Eminem also refers to recorded phone calls he has from when Mariah was "on my dick," warns her that he does still have stuff on her ("I still have pictures"), calls her a slut/bitch/cunt who strung him along for six months and only spread her legs once, admits he prematurely ejaculated all over her (she called him gross) and says she's out of her "alcoholic mind."

Most intriguingly, he refers to the voicemails he has "right before you flipped your top when me and Luis were trying to stick two CDs in the same slot."

Doubtless some will see this as good promo for Carey's delayed album, but I think it ridicules her in a way that makes her less cool with the market she's been desperately seeking. Either way, I can't stand her and I can't stand him so I guess for me it's fun to watch them attack each other.
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Warner Bros. has wised up to yesterday's "Celebration" leak and has rush-released the single at iTunes and Amazon. Be a good li'l fan and go buy it. Orphans gotta eat!
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Italian actor Luca Argentero graces Italian Vanity Fair (29 Luglio 2009) with his mega-watt smile and bedroom-or-bust eyes:


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I wonder why the same people who loathe Perez Hilton so much usually laugh at drag queens? I think there is a similarity in the boundary-smashing thrills (or disgusting tastelessness, depending on your take) one is served up by both parties.

Above, Lady Bunny digs up Michael Jackson and defiles his body for laughs. This kind of thing has less to do with the performer than with each viewer's response.
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David Armstrong shoots an editorial called (for realz) "Hulk Hogan Love-Child Shocker" for 10 Men (Summer 2009) featuring this lovely manchild:


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