UnmasKing of Pop Asking For It 

Jul 09 2009
The Ups & Downs of In & Out Comments (2)

Untitled In a Details (August 2009) profile, Tom Selleck says of playing an openly gay man and snogging Kevin Kline in In & Out:

"The kiss is not really a passionate kiss. It's kind of a slap-in-the-face, wake-up-you're-gay kiss. And that was easier to play. We shot that scene at a public intersection, and the cop directing traffic was a big Magnum, P.I. fan. He had to watch that scene all day, and I don't know what he said to himself."

Just another reason to hate In & Out, a movie I absolutely could not stand from start to finish—it cast this right-wing douche and he gets to belittle its importance years down the road.

He also has plenty to say about camp classic (aka terrible movie) Myra Breckinridge, pointing out that Rex Reed will forever have to live with "waking up from surgery and uttering the line, 'Where are my tits?'"

Interesting that Details managed to make nearly half the interview about two movies that their intended readership—young, straight men—would never have seen.



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