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Aug 31 2009
Creepshow Comments (24)



Manhunt was going to knock off my "Guydar" idea (which itself was hardly a unique thought), but decided it's too "creepy." Hmmm...when you're doing something that a site helping guys hook up for anonymous, often-times unsafe, sex brands "creepy," it makes ya wonder!

IMG_4233 So have at it in the poll below and/or at the side of the page. For my part, I already know it's not illegal (I don't shoot up skirts or in places where privacy would be expected) and I think it's far less creepy to snap a picture than it is to ask someone if you can take their picture. Also, as I've said before, I think it's a compliment as long as you're not hunting someone down and then hanging 1,000 images of them taken at various points of their day all over your wall as an homage.

Perhaps what makes some people uncomfortable is the fact that unlike photographers throughout the ages who have snapped pictures without asking permission, my subjects are being shot because they're cute or hot or sexy, not only because they're beautiful (which is sexy's much classier older cousin from Europe).


But don't let my feelings influence you. Feel free to anonymously vote your opinion; if I wind up cutting this part of the blog it will only free me up to tend to those tents filled with missing hikers in my backyard...
Putting The "Out" In South Carolina Comments (0)

Huggy Andre Bauer, the lieutenant governor of South Carolina, is a closet case—so says Mike Rogers of blogActive, who's never been wrong any time he's outed someone.

Bauer is a right-wing Christian extremist who has sought to dissolve the separation of church and state via various measures he's supported (state-issued Christian license plates) and has been publicly anti-gay. His endorsement of Mike Huckabee was, in part, due to his desire to see "tradtional marriage protected." Well, to his credit he isn't in the middle of a fake marriage. Wonder if he's banged any married men, though?

If true—and that is a big tiny if considering Rogers's track record—it would also be interesting to find out if this is one of the reasons Governor Mark Sanford (he of the lovey-dovey trips to South America) hates Bauer so much, and if it's one reason he has resisted Bauer's calls to resign.
Bacharach That Thing Up Comments (13)


Courtesy of this blog here, some screen grabs of the final "Celebration" video showing a Dietrichy Madonna vamping her young DJ boytoy Jesus Luz. The press release breathlessly describes it as a "short film" full of "mind-boggling dance moves." We'll see tomorrow, when it's downloadable for free on iTunes.

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Beem Me Up, Brandon! Comments (3)


The Bold & the Beautiful's bold, beautiful Brandon Beemer must be a Boy Culture reader (or at least have a Google alert for his own name) 'cuz he boldly hijacked my scans of his beautiful ass as it appeared in Italian Vanity Fair for his own site...and then proudly Tweeted to all his fans to come look at his nekkid self!


No harm, no foul, but man a brother could've used the hits!
The Only Eulogy To Ever Drop The F-Bomb? Comments (9)

I've never seen this—posted to YouTube yesterday, this is Madonna's full, "Herbified" eulogy for Herb Ritts. It's very sweet and provides several noteworthy details. She met him on the set SafariScreenSnapz002 of Desperately Seeking Susan, she reminisces about that amazing shoot they did on the beach and she refers to him as "like a big brother to me, a very loveable one."

She also dons glasses to read that the day of his memorial was associated with the concept that there is "no such thing as death, no such thing as an ending, no such thing as time, space or emotion, no such thing as limitations of any kind" to point out that "just because we can't see Herb, doesn't mean he's not here." Very "Nothing Fails," very American Life.

Madonna gets Ritts-y.

Touchingly, she ends by pointing out that photography is about taking a negative and turning it into a positive.
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There are cases where the death penalty seems like a gimme, cases where everyone knows who is guilty and of what they're guilty. But most cases aren't like that; most cases just seem like that. And that's why I would rather put someone in prison for life than allow the death penalty in even the most extreme cases. The costs are comparable due to the appeals process, and if reading this story of a man (probably) falsely convicted doesn't make pro-capital punishment advocates think twice, nothing will.
Hirsute Couture Comments (1)

DVMan (Summer 2009) is a "new Scandinavian fashion magazine," and it's off to a good start with a cover like this:


More interesting is the hairy-chested model in "Poolside Blues," shot by Henry Moshizi:



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