Don't Ask, Don't Tell? Don't Hold Your Breath Ad Men 

Nov 20 2009
Decent Proposal Comments (6)

Photographer Anthony Citrano identifies himself as the one who started the whole Demi Moore retouching (mini-)scandal, and writes me to say he has upped the ante—he's offering $5,000 to charity if Moore can prove that the image she claims is the original really is the original:


This is a bet she would lose, though I'm not at all sure the shooter will comply in a way that really is provable. What would there be to gain? Pissing off stars tends to have repercussions.

I wish the photographer who shot her would release the real original, not the fake one that maybe Moore believes to be the original. (Has she fooled herself into thinking retouched images are real after all these years?)

"While I really feel bad that Demi is on the defense over this, I also don't like being accused of 'bullshit'. So, let's find out who's bullshitting. This isn't about  her and it isn't about retouching (I've no problem with either). It's about a blooper, basically. The cover is a blooper; it goes on the art department's wall of shame. So what? We all make mistakes. That's got *nothing* to do with Demi. She's a beautiful woman with or without retouching. And where the hell is W Magazine on this? Why are they forcing Demi to address it? It's not fair to her."

So let's have the original and let the bullshit fall where it may. 



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