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Nov 30 2009
Keep Feeling Fascination Comments (13)

GaGa (complete with her semi-recent nosejob and chin implant) is looking lovely, and yet also very Mae West in this pic with Barbara Walters. She was interviewed by the legendary tearjerker as one of 2009's most fascinating people—it airs December 9 at 10PM. 


For doubters, yes, GaGa has had help:

All those veils and sunglasses and all that other headgear helped. Bully for her, she looks mucho improved. Yes, the pic on the left is real.

Sizemore, Please! Comments (0)
Grady Sizemore is leaking all over the place... 
Huckabeen Comments (3)
I'd just read a piece earlier today about how Mike Huckabee is now leaning against running for president in 2012. Well, that lean just turned into a freefall...thanks to this guy.
Shore Things Comments (3)

From Star (December 7, 2009), all the best (boy) beach bodies. Agree/disagree? Or is it a wash?: 

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Nov 29 2009
Silence Equals Death...Literally Comments (2)
Egoosby1-150x150Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama need to address the situation in Uganda, where gay people will be executed simply for being themselves. So far, deafening silence...except for this official, who seems to feel that it's none of our business. If we can nation-build around the world, there's no reason we can't at least have a strong position on genocide.
Ends Of The World X 6 Comments (1)
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Nov 28 2009
Waiting For You Comments (1)

Hedi Slimane turns in a portfolio called "Waiting in the Wings" that's devoted to young (hot) rising stars for Vman (Winter 2009). I think Alex Pettyfer is pretty cute (above), though he's suddenly looking decidedly edgy. Below, dreamy Christian Cooke: 

Finally, blond model and actor Douglas Booth:

P.S. Don't feel too bad; the average age of these three is just under 20.  

Can't-Mister Comments (0)
I can't wait! Mr. Brainwash is coming to NYC. 
Nov 27 2009
Crashing Boors Comments (0)

I'm not sure what the whole story will wind up to be regarding the party-crashing Michaele (she) and Tareq (he) Salahi—I liked TPM's insinuations about their close connections with the Indian Embassy, but the Embassy has denied it. Here's a good wrap-up on who the heck they are, aren't, might be.

Lots of opinions floating around on this story, mainly because people are simple-minded and so only like to focus on political stories they can get their heads around. Health care is fraught with nuance, so it's usually boiled down to "I hate Socialism!" vs. "Everyone should be covered!" (Sidebar: Pass health care or go down in flames, Democrats.) But glitzy reality-show hopefuls crashing the White House? That's easy.

Or is it? Some say they should face charges. I would argue the real fault lies with the Secret Service (they agree with me)...and it makes me wonder if they're taking their cues from Dallas 1963 in their fierce determination to be sure this president is safe (they wouldn't agree with me on that). Still, if they misrepresented themselves to the Secret Service in order to gain entry, lock 'em up.

But I wonder just how scary it is that they were able to meet him. I would imagine many, many people get close to him at various appearances he makes...? Are they all really vetted, like, really-really? Veering back to the scary side is the observation that pretty much everyone in the line of succession to the presidency was in the room when these two crashed. Had they wasted the entire scene, 91-year-old Sen. Robert Byrd would be our new president. He's old enough to be too-old-to-win McCain's father!

Running From Coverage Comments (0)


Karen Golinski (right) with wife Mary Cunninghis. 

I don't even know how to begin processing this one—the Obama Administration (actually, its highest-ranking out member) is actively fighting a court order to allow health coverage for Karen Golinski's legally wedded wife (they were married in California when it was legal). Golinski is a lawyer working for the Ninth District, and as such her spouse should be covered. It's unreal...I know there is an argument about the administration having to follow decided law, but there are examples (none gay-related) where it does not. Dispiriting, disillusioning, disgusting and dishonorable.

I think time's running out on "there's still time." The window is closing and there has not been enough progress to justify defending Obama's good intentions. I think his supporters—myself included—have to admit he's failing by his own stated high standards on this issue. Would Palin be better? (A new Rasmussen—read, highly R-tainted—poll puts her 3% behind him in a '12 race.) Uh, no. But I thought the hawkish, old-school Hillary Clinton was supposed to be the Democrat liberals supported reluctantly, not Barack Obama.

Still hoping for more good news out of this guy.