Like A Cockroach Waters Still Runs 

Dec 23 2009
Re-Gaying Comments (6)

The latest clip and stills released from A Single ManIMHO the best or one of the best films of the year—go all the way gay, perhaps to combat the "Weinstein is de-gaying the marketing" meme that's out there.


At a screening for the oppressively dark, charmless, chemistry-free and testosterone-clotted Sherlock Holmes—a movie that in stark contrast to A Single Man has been marketed as being far more gay than it is—I sat next to famed writer and illustrator Anthony Haden-Guest. A woman speaking with him and some other reviewers said to her friend, "Have you seen A Single Man? It's [shakes hand from side to side] a little fashiony for me." I can see how it could be quite literally too fashiony for some, but I found it interesting that the hand gesture and the criticism could also be a thinly veiled way of saying "too gay." (In the same way white people routinely say to each other, when black people aren't around, that they don't want to see a movie that has only black people in it...Yes, they do, too, say that!)




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