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Jan 14 2010
Lonely Girl Comments (2)


Seeing red

I was dying to ask Julianne Moore about Body of Evidence at the A Single Man press conference, but didn't dare. Thankfully, The Advocate brings up her Madonna bitch-slap from that was-it-even-good-enough-to-be-called-camp? classic:

"That's really funny. It was a fake slap. I just have memories of being really lonely on that movie. No one talked to me, and Madonna was kind of doing her own thing, so I spent a lot of time by myself. She was at the New York premiere of A Single Man, but I didn't see her."

I'm sure Madonna's not avoiding her, but then again, it might feel odd to cuddle up to someone you didn't really notice earlier in your career who's turned into one of the most praised actresses of her generation.


Evidence of M & J's bodies in Body of Evidence

I think they'd be good in a movie together because both have an interesting blank quality on screen. Except of course Moore uses it in a way that generates very modern and affecting performances and Madonna (who, in one of her best performances, was once literally "The Blank" in Dick Tracy) too often is simply blank.

Still, there is a certain physical similarity; Moore's face now is similar to what Madonna's looked like (and Demi Moore's now looks like) pre-cheeks, no?



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