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Feb 28 2010
Crack's Back? Comments (3)


Black DOES crack.

With thanks to Mark: I've had my fun putting down Whitney Houston...I liked her very, very early on and then found her so boring and annoying. Then, when she became a televised drug addict, it was way beyond camp. Lately, Whitney's been getting knocked dead Down Under and was spotted eating passing out there. It's not even funny—the woman is being worked to death and can't even sing anymore. Can't anyone intercede? I'm serious—this woman needs help.

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Feb 27 2010
Paw & Order Comments (2)

As a follow-up to the dogs vs. Law & Order post over at Joe.My.God, I tried it out on my nearly two-year-old pups...and they clearly don't give a Shih Tzu. Maybe because theirs is not a howly breed?

Guydar X 6: Winter Wonderland Edition Comments (1)
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Again Comments (2)

Just heard about the truly enormous earthquake that rocked Chile (8.8 = something like 100 times more power than the one that devastated Haiti) and the potential for tsunamis that has all areas bordering on the Pacific on edge. It seems crazy that so many momentous events could happen to close together, though my knowledge of history is not broad enough to unequivocally state that all of it must be connected.

Still, this article on climate change—which yokels are currently laughing off due to all the cold weather vs. the misnomer "global warming"—suggested we might have geological disasters in our future.

It seems like Chile might be less affected than Haiti due to its better infrastructure and other factors. Let's hope.

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Feb 26 2010
4th Worst Snow Storm In NYC History Comments (7)
The Good Old Days Of...Slavery??? Comments (2)

Rep. Trent Franks (R-Arizona) believes tolerance is about acting "half-way decent" toward each other (but only half-way). More interestingly, he believes blacks were better off under slavery than they are under America's current policies.

This kind of insanity should blow up a career, but it's 2010 so maybe he just earned a money bomb instead.

Glam Slam Comments (3)


The primary difference between a hoarder and a collector is taste.

AcrobatScreenSnapz002 Via Profiles in History, partners Michael H. Epstein and Scott E. Schwimer are selling a huge amount of their world-class glamour photography archive the week of March 22. From the looks of the catalogue, their taste is unsurpassed. Their collection numbers over a million images, including the above George Hurrell masterpiece image of Jean Harlow on a bearskin rug (above), one of the most famous portraits of all time, fine art by Andy Warhol and others and the Mel Roberts archive.

I wanna buy it all! I totally relate to Epstein (see video interview below) when he describes his motivation as a collector:

"I think what happens is—I'm an addict. Fortunately, I'm not addicted to drugs or alcohol, but I am addicted to buying things and I have just, every time I see something that intrigues me, if it's affordable, I can't help myself."

AcrobatScreenSnapz001 This is me to a "T." Except "affordable" has a highly massagable meaning; for me, it often means if I have the money in my pocket, in my bank account or if it's in some other way available to me, the future be damned.

It's also incredible to hear his recollection of attending Richard Avedon's first show in New York in 1975, where none of his works was sold for more than $500; this is part of why I am an impulsive buyer, the idea that objects will later be out of reach financially or availability-wise.

AcrobatScreenSnapz003 The proceeds will, in part, benefit the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center. It's nice knowing all these celebs—to whom so many gay men in particular have been devoted to the point of distraction—will in this way be giving back to the community that helped make them immortal.


Good-bye, Norma Jean...hello, gorgeous. 

I'd love to get locked in his warehouse overnight and just look at everything. After the jump, a brief interview with Epstein (in six pieces)...

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Republican To Unemployed: "Tough Shit" Comments (6)

Sen. Jim Bunning (R-Kentucky) to unemployed: "Tough shit." His objection to extending unemployment benefits is that he doesn't want the money required added to the deficit.