Fleshback: Austin Peck "I Will Live, I Will Die For The People Of America" (Is That A Campaign Promise?) 

Feb 08 2010
Singular Sensation Comments (3)

My friend Gordon forwarded me this story from the U.K. about Don Bachardy's views of Tom Ford's A Single Man, adapted from the famous Christopher Isherwood novel. Bachardy, Isherwood's lover of many years, loves the film, while others think it too pretty. I thought the prettiness fit perfectly with the story. The piece also argues, in reference to the Ford's insistence his film is not "gay":

"Not since Steven Spielberg directed the slave epic Amistad in 1997 has a director's identity politics been such a part of a film's buzz."

Regardless, the interview with Bachardy is well worth a look—as is A Single Man.




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