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Mar 31 2010
Birds Do It Comments (2)
Are animals gay? You better believe it. Especially albatrosses. I find it surprising that studies need to be done to confirm it. I remember seeing a pair of male dogs mounting each other...who hasn't among any of us who've been exposed to pets to any great extent? 

This information can be used to help people realize that homosexual activity is "normal." Pointing out that it happens all the time among humans is apparently not enough.

Run Of The Mills Comments (0)
Italian Vanity Fair (31 Marzo 2010) pours fire on gasoline with a spread on model (and Sex and the City 2 actor) Noah Mills. The shots will make you wish you'd washed up on shore...more after the jump...

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Just Playin' Comments (3)
From National Enquirer (April 12, 2009), Modern Family's hysterically talented (and happily straight) Eric Stonestreet is supposedly depressed that he plays gay so well no women are willing to give him a shot. Despite being mistaken for gay, he "never wants 'to seem embarrassed or ashamed that I'm playing a gay person. I would never want to be like, "Hey, I'm not gay."' I consider myself a straight version of Cameron."
Everyday People Comments (0)


Fresh Maddow

The April 12, 2010, issue of People is chock-full of lesbian-couple representation.

First, there's a meaty article on MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, who's photographed with her partner Susan Mikula at their Massachusetts home. Allegedly, their New York apartment is all of 275 square feet (is this possible for a couple and an English lab?) and they don't have a TV in their Mass. home because both would do nothing but watch it all the time.

ZXCVBN The piece is charming, from recounting how they met when Maddow was hired to do yardwork for Mikula in 1999 ("It was very Desperate Housewives") to  details like Maddow's affection for comic books. It depoliticizes the highly partisan Maddow, presenting her life—and her life with her partner—as everyday.

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James Van Der Beard Comments (5)


Wow, $7,750 a month...the most expensive beard-maintenance fee since ZZ Top.
Broken Stares Comments (8)


The beautiful twink is empty (but still beautiful)

I've always wondered whatever became of Adam Nathan, who played precocious twink Peter in Parting Glances. Even as the rest of the cast has gathered to celebrate the film, Nathan's been M.I.A. 

ADAM NATHAN copy I'd heard he was in computers, but it wasn't until a kindly commenter alerted me to a Linked In profile that I discovered what Nathan looks like now (the bedroom eyes are intact, to be sure). I wrote him to see if he'd be game to answer some questions, but in the same way Michael rebuffed Peter's advances, Nathan has (very politely!) rebuffed mine.

We'll have to wait and see if he speaks about the film at some point. The fact that he's left it off his résumé does not give one much hope! And yet...one hopes.

On Ice Comments (4)

Johnny Weir seems to imply that gold medallist Evan Lysacek is gay—hardly the first time this rumor has popped up, but definitely lending it credence coming from so high up on the food chain. I love that he winks at Chelsea then denies it. Perhaps he wasn't sure what the camera was catching!

His honesty—that they don't get along—is refreshing. It doesn't seem to be rooted in jealousy, but who knows.

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