Matthew Morrison Makes Her Wet Uncoverboy 

Apr 19 2010
Damaged Goods Comments (5)

Via All About Madonna: Damages is one of the best shows I've ever seen, at least judging by this (last?) season, and of course Glenn Close has given many an amazing performance—she's got that acting-world gravitas, baby. That's why it sort of surprised me to read that she is an out-and-out Madonna fan...I guess I always worry that the Hollywood elite still look down on her (they probably do, when she whips out her plans to direct a fil-um)...maybe I'm too much like Madonna was onstage before singing "Sooner Or Later" at the Oscars, expecting the worst for her!

Glenn tells the Daily Record (I know, but it sounds real) she loves the Erotica album:

"Oh, my God...get on YouTube and watch Madonna's 'Bad Girl' video, man! [Laughs] That album is just genius and I guess it has so many memories for me and the first time I ever saw her live in MSG, I saw her live in 2008 and I got the chance to go backstage and I was so scared! [Laughs] But she is lovely and she is a fan of Damages, so not a bad compromise, right?"

So much for Madonna not watching TV. Maybe her assistants have convinced her Damages is a movie series, like the James Bond flicks?



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