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Apr 30 2010
We Didn't Ask, Gents, We Do Plan To Tell Comments (0)
Good to see that Sen. Gillibrand (D-New York) isn't taking Adm. Mullen and Sec. Gates too seriously. 
Brownout Comments (4)

Check out this ridiculously racist ad in the Arkansas Democratic Senate primary—it's trying to make the point that Bill Halter sent jobs to India, and the way it does this race-baits Arkansans to the max. How do they find Indians (would be funny if some weren't even Indians) willing to prostitute themselves like this? I'd love to track them down and hear what they think of the ad, find out their voting preferences, etc.

Who's That Homegirl? Comments (1)

Meck's "Feels Like Home" was a big hit in 2007, eventually attracting Madonna, who performed it in a show-stopping mash-up with "Like a Prayer" for Sticky & Sweet.

Now, with Madonna-like singer Dino added, "Feels Like a Prayer" is reborn as a single and video in its own right.

"Bad" Boy Comments (2)
It's Michael Jackson, of course. Even it if looks a bit like David Copperfield or David Gest or Richard Grieco. Oh, wait...Jacko looked like all of them a bit at various times. This rather mean-looking bobblehead can be yours for only $24.95.
Cinco De Homo: A Little Bit Country? Comments (8)
Autostraddle makes a compelling case that come May 5, Shelby Lynne is the mystery lesbian who will be embarking on her own personal Outfest. 
A Bad Beat And You Can't Dance To It Comments (35)

System PreferencesScreenSnapz001
Christina Aguilera is a great singer but a lame artist—that's always been my take. Her new video doesn't do anything to disavow me of this notion. I already don't like "Not Myself Tonight"—it's a throwaway club track that sounds dated—but the video reeks of desperation.

I realize GaGa does videos that go over the top, but I think when she does it there is a clear sense of purpose, even if the actual purpose is often difficult to sense! Christina's video feels like a GaGa rip-off in structure, and uncomfortably quotes from Madonna throughout (though the opening frames really remind me of Annie Lennox's jerky head movements in "Missionary Man"), including homages to "Human Nature," "Erotica" and "Express Yourself."

SafariScreenSnapz001 A mess. She does have hot guys. And at least she looks beautiful, with the exception of her pendulous fake titties, which look like second cousins twice removed. And unlike Madonna on all of her recent videos save for "4 Minutes", she tried.

By the way, Miley Cyrus's new single is also a mess, but then I am so NOT a fan of defensive, self-referential, fame's-a-bitch songs ("Human Nature" included). It sounds like Adam Lambert's annoying "For Your Entertainment" meets, again, Lady GaGa (vocally) and Britney Spears (it's remarkably similar to "Radar" and Madonna's "Revolver"). She's a sweetheart and points for branching out, but I don't see what adults get from cheering on yet another girl going from sweet to sticky using yet another song like this to do it.

Of course, Miley's the girl of the moment, so her fans will eat it up and quite a few adults will convince themselves they're on board, too. Rinse, repeat.

Evidence Of Bodies Comments (0)

TV y Novelas (Mayo 3, 2010) offers the best 'n' worst bodies on TV. Let's focus on the former, including Eugenio Siller (above) and Gabriel Porras (below): 

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Love At First White Comments (0)
From In Touch (May 10, 2010): Just because, a picture of Betty White showing what a good sport she continues to be. She never degenerates into "horny old lady parody," but instead tweaks our expectations of how an octogenarian of her stature should behave. 

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