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Apr 01 2010
R.I.P.: Madonna's Former Manager Caresse Henry Comments (15)



Caresse Henry, who managed Madonna from about 1997 till about 2005, encompassing creative highpoints
Ray of Light and Music, has apparently died taken her own life. (FURTHER UPDATE: Spokeswoman Liz Rosenberg notes that the actual cause of death is under investigation.)

Article-1210686-06436E1A000005DC-929_233x388_popup She had previously been Madonna's personal assistant, testifying in the trial that sent Madonna's stalker Robert Hoskins to jail. Her daughter, Honour Norman, was the younger child alongside Madonna's daughter Lourdes who served as a flower girl for the infamous "Like a Virgin"/"Hollywood" performance on MTV that culminated with Madonna kissing Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

As of this writing, I do not have more details on her passing, other than proof via her Facebook page, which shows friends (the "Lola Leon" is quite possibly not the Lola Leon) lamenting her loss:

Picture 2

Caresse_henry_madonna_rip I understand that she had been working with Ricky Martin post-Madonna. All I've heard, details-wise, is a vague comment that she has been found dead in her apartment.

A tragic loss of a woman about whom I've always heard kind things.  

Additionally, DJ Tracy Young has Tweeted of Caresse:


I believe this happened very recently; not only today, but maybe even this evening. According to a niece or nephew, she died on March 31, not April 1. If anyone hears more, please feel free to comment. Image of Caresse with Madonna from here.



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