And He's Named McVey... Dirty Looks 

Apr 26 2010
The Write Stuff Comments (2)

"Stories from the Frontlines: Letters to President Barack Obama" is a new media campaign in which men and women whose lives have been affected by Don't Ask, Don't Tell write open letters to the president, expressing their feelings and asking him to step up on this issue. 

Brilliant and constructive idea—it pressures the president (especially as more and more letters appear), lets the people affected speak out in dignity (something Lt. Dan Choi had stressed) and should not be divisive within the LGBT community.

Along with traditional lobbying and protests, this kind of action is valuable.

Be sure to keep reading Towleroad for updates.

GetEQUAL's next rally (via this horribly annoying video...I don't like the effects they used, which I am guessing are meant to make Lt. Choi seem MLKish?):



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