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Apr 27 2010
Ticked-Off & Inside-Out Comments (0)

BLACK_LUNAX390If Kate Bornstein's piece for Out on Israel Luna's (pictured) controversial film Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives is not the final word on the subject, I will cut a bitch. Her essay is just brilliant, beautifully written (despite the use of the phrase "marshal arts" a few times) and thoughtful to an extent that could be called brain porn.


Bornstein writes:

"...I couldn't wait to see it. Even the problematic first version of the trailer (more on that later) made it look to me like the film would be just the right blend of camp, politics, heart, sparkle, and blood..."

KateBornstein1I think that the film does come across that way to me in all that I've read about it, so the controversy seemed to me to boil down to just the word "tranny," which some consider N-wordish (not Bornstein), whereas Bornstein (pictured) reminds us that the initial trailer traded on real-life transwomen murders and enlightens those of us who have yet to see the flick on the far more troubling (and accidental?) difference between scenes showing transwomen being murdered and scenes showing their advertised revenge.

I think part of what is confusing about the controversy is that the esteemed (no snark) Dustin Lance Black weirdly inserted himself into the fray on behalf of a friend, which makes his contribution—obscuring some of the letters in the word "Trannies" in the title—seem as misguided as it is laughably unhelpful.

KateBornstein2 I think Bornstein's piece serves to remind us that even people without hate in their hearts can do, say or make homophobic or transphobic or dragphobic (a childhood friend just said that I should "run!" upon seeing my pics-with of RuPaul's girls) or racist or otherwise offensive things. I think what is important is how willing the offenders are to listen to the complaints—defending yourself is expected, as the director has attempted to do with sensitivity, but far too many people in those situations lash out and they and their defenders lead with, "This is P.C. run amok!" or "You can't say ANYTHING about these people!"...and that just proves the initial charge of offensive material as well as proving the material really was an accurate depiction of what's in the offender's heart.

Go read it! It's better than my recap. If I eventually see he film formerly known as Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives, I'll weigh in.



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