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May 31 2010
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20100530_notnotras_2510022Pedro Julio Serrano, a prominent Puerto Rican gay-rights and HIV-awareness activist, just had a biopsy for a suspected case of oral cancer. Ironically, is an accomplished spokesperson, and someone my partner José is proud to have taught years ago.

Sadly, this article announcing his possible cancer diagnosis is teeming with comments saying (in Spanish) that he deserves it and many other homophobic slurs, including Biblical references to Sodom and Gomorrah. And they say Puerto Rico is the gay-friendliest island in the Caribbean...maybe it is, considering it's up against the likes of Jamaica.

Feel free to leave comments in English or Spanish wishing him well.

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The cover of Odyssey New York is my idea of a perfect summer. 
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Globe (June 7, 2010) has a side-by-side of Jackie Collins (72) and Raquel Welch (69), both of whom say it's not about plastic surgery. Welch doesn't deny surgery in this piece, but says her looks are not about "plastic surgery exploits" so much as they're about "an exercise program. I do something physical every day." Collins flat-out denies she's had anything done: "I've never had plastic surgery. If I was going to have plastic surgery, I would have had my neck done." 

Raquel Give me a fucking break. Just like her sister, Joan Collins, who also claims never to have had any surgery, Collins is a liar. You don't look that good (and she looks that good) with Botox and clean living at 72. Ditto Welch. Welch looks amazing and natural, but looking at how she looked at 40 and 45, it's easy enough to see she's done several things that involved knives and stitches.

I do think plastic surgery should look natural or is a disaster, so I get not advertising it. But categorically denying you've had it done (as Collins did) or pretending it's not a huge part of why you look so great (as Welch, also the beneficiary of flawless genes to begin with, does) is annoying.

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I know Sex wasn't good for me, but I'm surprised it's so flaccid at the box office—comparing the first flick's opening weekend with the second's, it's more than 40% off. Worse, I would bet this installment drops 70% or something crazy next weekend. 
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May 30 2010
Madonna: "Love Conquers All" Comments (3)
I can't say I agree with Madonna that "love conquers all," especially since Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga are not yet out of harm's way after being pardoned in Malawi, but her statement (above, from here) is one of hope.

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