Buy, Buy, Baby—Bye-Bye Fleshback: Model Citizen 

May 25 2010
Straight Sex Comments (3)

Michael-patrick-king-rehearsal-greenwich-mrf58WMichael Patrick King wouldn't admit that Sex and the City appeals to gay men more than straight men, and now (with thanks to Frank for the link) he's gone and written a blog at Daily Beast that presumes exactly that—why else would he be so curious about and thrilled by evidence of straight men liking his series?

I don't have anything against the guy, but I don't know why he seems so hung up on this point that he can't joke freely about the obvious fact that gay men are way, way more likely to dig SATC than straight men. He's making bazillions of dollars...why must he pretend that the film reaches even more people than it already does?

For The Comeback alone, I can forgive him. If he stops pushing it!



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