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Jun 07 2010
Because Enquiring Minds Want To Know Who's Queer Comments (12)

National Enquirer (June 14, 2010) is back with its always entertaining proclamations on "Who's Gay & Who's Not." Here's the score: 

Kimberley Locke: I'd always seen her as 100% gay-positive, but I don't like her quote: "I'm a church-going Christian girl...I don't care what they do in their personal lives, and they don't care what I do in mine."

Lisa Marie Presley: She has urges but likes to "keep it at bay."

AnnaLynne McCord: She's on the cover smooching a girl (in public, on a red carpet) but is "completely a guy's gal."

Lady GaGa: Bi.

Bradley Cooper: He just finds the false rumors "fantastic."

Kim Cattrall: Despite a topless romp with a friend, she "says she's not gay."

Bono: He kissed Adam Clayton, but only as a friend.

Joely Richardson: More fake lesbian kissing.

Tyler Perry: Implied that he's gay. They quote his aunt saying he "isn't ready to expose his private life."

Meredith Baxter: Out.

John Mayer: Seems to enjoy the attention of men as well as women, his primary pursuit.

Monica Lewinsky: Never heard this one! Allegedly, she "is often seen in the company of women" and had a crush on President Clinton's aide Nancy Hernreich.

Cindy Crawford: Despite Jenna Jameson saying she thought Cindy hit on her, she's straight.

Janet Jackson: "I'm not bisexual."

Whitney Houston: Incredibly, the 'bloid goes with "there is no doubt Whitney prefers men."

Jada Pinkett Smith: "We're not gay."

Wanda Sykes: Out.

Mike Myers: Repeats convincing rumors that he's out in his personal life now.

Kelly McGillis: Out.

Michael Emerson: Not gay, but gay-friendly.

Cameron Diaz: Seems to flirt with the idea of being with women.

Ricky Martin: Duh.

Rosario Dawson: Straight.

Sheryl Crow: No evidence that she is gay.

Crystal Bowersox: Had serious lesbian relationship and multiple girl-on-girl encounters in high school.




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