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Jun 30 2010
And I Hear He Sings, Too! Comments (7)
The latest Advocate cover, via Towleroad
Guydar: Descamisados Comments (7)
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Laddy GaGa Comments (15)

Lady GaGa poses under the pseudonym "Jo Calderone" in Vogue Hommes, pulling off male drag pretty well. She has a cute Adrien Brody look, no? (Cue haters screaming that she is a many gays are so hung up on gender, just like straights are.) 

When Madonna did drag (as James Dean for Bruce Weber in Life 24 years ago), the images were far, far superior, but she wasn't able to completely let go and look male. That served her better anyway, to be both.

Androgyny is a quality all the greatest stars possess, whether literally or by sheer force of their personalities obscuring traditional male/female roles. So...check!

Jun 29 2010
Not Not Guilty... Comments (3)
The threesome of men implicated in the inexplicable killing of Robert Wone have been found not guilty by a judge (having waived their right to a jury trial), who nonetheless all but admitted one or more of them were involved in the crime. So...not guilty...but not innocent. And they get off scot-free? 
Welcome To The Breakfast Club Comments (3)
Ally Sheedy has announced that her daughter, Rebecca Lansbury, is gay. As long as she has her dandruff under control, that is the only thing that matters. 
Kylie Pays A Price Comments (23)


Madonna spreads her legs, Kylie spreads her arms 

I warmed to Kylie on tour and was moved to write about her, but I can't for the life of me summon the energy and interest to write about Aphrodite, her album that has all the gays going crazy. It feels to me kind of generic. I would like to like it...I do passively like "Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love)," I think I'd like "Closer" under the right circumstances, "Cupid Boy" is appealing and I liked "Too Much" the first time I heard it, when it was called "U Sure Do" and was recorded by Strike:

(But I'm not surprised to have some sound-alike songs—her producer, Stuart Price, did that on Confessions on a Dance Floor, and from much more obvious sources..."I Feel Love," anyone?)

The most pleasant surprise is that it sounds nothing like COADF or Madonna (aside from a startlingly "I Love New York" flourish at the beginning of "Cupid Boy"). It's definitely a Kylie record.

I may not love it (I'll report back if it grows on me), but go in peace and "enjoy yourself," Kylie fans!

A Review With Teeth Comments (7)

A.O. Scott's review of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is pretty funny. Choice bit: 

"What there isn't, as usual, is much in the way of good acting, with the decisive and impressive exception of Ms. Stewart, who can carry a close-up about as well as anyone in movies today. Mr. Lautner still seems to have recently escaped from a high school cheerleading squad somewhere, and Mr. Pattinson's pout conveys not the existential angst of a lovelorn immortal, but rather the peevishness of a guy who just lost a Greta Garbo lookalike contest—for the third time in a row!—to his own girlfriend."

A Royal Audience With Her Madgesty Comments (2)
A chance to meet

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