Tasteful? Let's Have A Lick And See! Dodge & Perry 

Jun 08 2010
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The full "Alejandro" is here. Love it. It's like "Oh Father" (the snow in the beginning) meets Inglourious Basterds, watches a silent movie, has sex and gives birth to "Rhythm Nation." Except despite any influences, I wouldn't say this is a rip-off of anything too obvious. (Though Madonna fans will see shades of her X-STaTIC Process exhibit, probably thanks to the fact that this was directed by Steven Klein.) The vogueing is a cute hat-tip to Madonna without being a Sue Sylvester-style, Gus Vant Sant/Psycho remake.

SafariScreenSnapz003 SafariScreenSnapz002


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X-STaTic Process

SafariScreenSnapz001I especially love the makeup and the fashion (those independently functioning goggles) in this—she's so surprisingly adorable bouncing around in black-and-white looking like Joyce Bulifant, then looks hard and sexy like Albita.


Don't call my name, Joyce Bulifant 

But with all those "likes"—my favorite, most obsessive thing to do, draw comparisons—I think there is nothing like Lady GaGa out there right now and I'm so glad someone, especially someone so popular, takes music videos this seriously still.


Don't call my name, Albita 

I thought Steven Klein's collabs with Madonna were getting stale, but maybe he should have been directing her videos instead!




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