Behind Every Great Woman A Simple Solution 

Jun 16 2010
Looking To Jesus For Answers Comments (27)
Oh, dear, is Jesus Luz a gay Madonna fan or her boyfriend? Now he's getting into the GaGa vs. Madonna game by Tweeting a link to that so-so video comparing the two.

It's probably very innocent on his part, but if I were Madonna, I would rein in anyone in my camp suggesting GaGa is copying her because (A) the argument is 100% positive for Madonna until Madonna, Inc., engages in it—then it makes her look petty; and (B) why level charges of "copying" when it could lead to a backlash of people pointing out all of Madonna's own countless "homage" moments? (IMHO, many of Madonna's individual pieces of work could be deconstructed for blatant inspirations, but her overall career is still that of an original.)



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