The Biggest Thing To Happen To Iceland Since That Volcano Hug Life 

Jun 28 2010
Open Your Heart Comments (1)

2010-06-25-vascobymaryhurlbutCathleen Falsani is not a columnist I usually read—she's HuffingtonPost's "God Girl" religion writer. But her open letter to Madonna, praising her for her precedent-setting adoptions from Malawi that opened the door for Falsani's adoption of a son from that country, is deeply moving and open-hearted.

It reads, in part:

"Legal precedent! Case law! A miracle! A door swung open and a way had been made for us to become a legal family. It was a mitzvah created by many human (and divine) hands, including yours."

Thanks to his adoption, Falsani's son, Vasco (pictured), was able to receive life-saving open-heart surgery.



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