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Jul 31 2010
So Take Off All Your Clothes Comments (3)

I can't imagine being able to convince Kerry Degman and Chad White that they should remove all of their clothes in the name of art and fashion, but Joe Lally doesn't seem to have that problem.

Hello, Johnny...Well, Hello, Johnny Comments (4)

From Us (August 9, 2010), if Johnny Depp actually plays Carol Channing in drag, he will officially be the gayest actor in Hollywood to not actually be gay. Ever.

Guydar X 18 Comments (3)
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Jul 30 2010
Sweet Dream/Publicity Nightmare Comments (8)

Remember Tom Hardy's frank admission that he's had sex with other guys? Yeah, well...sounds like a publicist somewhere did not find it so hot.

Therein Rubs The Lie? Comments (0)

Sss"Masseuse" by Joshua Kirby

Al Gore has been cleared in short order by the Portland police regarding allegations that he sexually assaulted a masseuse.

The View Kills Comments (1)

TheView-420x0 According to a press release, The View's Obama edition was its most-watched telecast ever, with 6.59 million total viewers, or just over half the number of kids who watched the series debut of iCarly in 2007. Anyway, it had a lot of viewers.

I thought they did a decent job, but I didn't like Joy's pop-culture segment so much; I would have preferred a question on DADT or gay rights in general. Obama was very good. Still, though, I think he's so bad at manipulating and running down his opponents. All this high-ground stuff was great as an antidote to Bush, but these are different times (already)—he needs to be more aggressive.

El Glass Closet Comments (2)

When I posted these affectionate pictures of Latin TV personality Rodner Figueroa from TV Notas, I admittedly wasn't quite sure about the angle—my understanding was that he was openly gay, so these were just nice photos of a public figure's gay PDAs. The mag's tone was hard for me to translate and understand but seemed juvenile rather than anti-gay, like, 'He he, caught you being romantic!' more than 'He he, you're gay!'

A tipster claims to me that the paparazzi photos were first shopped to Figueroa himself and to his bosses at Univison because while his homosexuality is assumed, he has not done the "I'm gay" interview. Oops—context is everything!

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Not In Our Backyard Comments (10)

Oy, the Anti-Defamation League just lost all credibility by siding with those against the "Ground Zero mosque." Their reasoning is appalling—you shouldn't build something even if you have the right to if a group of people are asking you not to because it would hurt them (aka are biased against you as a group)?


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