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Aug 31 2010
Obsession For Men Comments (15)

Eat yer heart out, Madonna—Calvin Klein's boytoy Nick Gruber is younger (20!) and arguably cuter than yours, plus Calvin's cheeks are bigger!

Best Gawker comment:


Jane Lynch Mob Comments (1)


Say Cheese! strikes again with a massive flash mob—this time, they invade the Sydney QVB to unleash GLEE's Jane Lynch version of Madonna's "Vogue" on an unsuspecting world.

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Life Is A Mystery Comments (1)

For all you crazy Madonna collectors out there...a little insight? I rummaged through some of my countless posters and similar items last night and discovered that I'd bought two amazingly rare things TWICE. I'm old...I forget what I still need! Anyway, one of them is the above fabled set of 1987 promo-only Mitsubishi posters from Japan.

As I was preparing to sell one, I looked at each and realized that although the boxes are identical and although each box has "four" posters (they're actually 19" X 29" sheets folded in half so that you can place them together like a loose-leaf book), the images are somewhat different from one item to the next. The cover is the same, the rest seems to have differences—they only seem to share about three imaes. Examples after the jump.

Have any of you heard of this item having two (or more?) variations?

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Safe Up Here With You Comments (1)

Robyn does Bjork for Bjork!

Boys, Boys, Boys Comments (1)

A preview of the new EY! Magateen. I have yet to figure out how this item is actually purchased. So far, it's a big ol' unicorn to me.

Book Review: Talking To Girls About Duran Duran Comments (3)

Photo I read a book! Forgive me...it's been a while. And I never made it through any of the political books stacked by my bed. But I did get through Rob Sheffield's Talking to Girls About Duran Duran (Dutton, $25.95), a memoir disguised as a American Top 40 (or vice versa).

Sheffield, best known for his gig at Rolling Stone and for his previous work Love is a Mix Tape: Life and Loss, One Song at a Time, tells his personal coming-of-age story using 25 diverse pop songs, starting with "Our Lips are Sealed" by The Go-Go's and ending with the titular band's "All She Wants Is." It's such a clever construct, one I'd love to nick as I suspect waxing nostalgic about Exposé and Debbie Harry and, yes, Madonna would pull a lot of memories out of me. It (mostly) works.

Duran-Duran-001The way to a woman's heart is Duran Duran

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Prelude To A Kiss Comments (15)

ReInvention Tour - Like a Prayer 01

UPDATE: These snippets are fakes.

With thanks to Dave: Lots of Madonna stuff is leaking lately, from old concert projections to a cappella versions of songs to some very dodgy clips of "First Is a Kiss," the long-lost song from Like A motherfucking Prayer!


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