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Sep 30 2010
Ellen: Stop Bullying—Or Else Comments (0)

Via Chexydecimal: As always, Ellen DeGeneres is showing how it's done—she's multi-faceted but she's out and she never shies away from speaking up on behalf of her community...and us all. Touching and heartfelt.

Girls: Jesse Comments (1)

Grey's Anatomy star Jesse Williams is just what the doctor ordered, as seen in Entertainment Weekly (October 8, 2010).

W.E. Will Have Silence Comments (0)

Great story here from a paparazzo shooting Madonna on the set of her movie W.E., including her decision to smack down a band who dared to make noise near her set!

He Must've Loved Herrrrr Comments (3)

With thanks to John, a great snap of Madonna—post-"You Must Love Me" Oscars perf—with Mick Jagger and Tony Curtis, the latter of whom passed away last night.

50 Cent Gives His Two Bits Comments (14)

GEdMXUPDATE: The context of his Twitter feed shows 50 Cent was joking about straight men only; as I explain in the comments of this post, I do think it was a careless thing to say as context doesn't travel. And "Lol" doesn't wipe everything away. But 50 Cent has clarified (not apologized) with some new tweets and reiterates his mother's lesbianism.

"It Gets Better," but not if this bullet-magnet has anything to say about it. Perhaps 50 Cent's tweet was more to scold heterosexual men who refuse to go down on a woman but expect their women to do [insert anything sexual you can think of, even jokingly, here]. But it's still gross.

Better Off Alive Comments (1)

As Kenneth points out, we need to do more for gay youth, not less—we are not "post-gay" yet, not by a longshot. Not when children and young adults are committing suicide for being gay still.

Kudos to Dan Savage and his husband Terry for creating It Gets Better. Because it does get better, but it won't for the overall community until we accept that for a lot of people it desperately needs to.

Guydar X 20 Comments (0)

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A Bronx Tale Comments (6)


Poor Tony Curtis died, yet another from Hollywood's Golden Era. I guess since he follows Gloria Stuart and Eddie Fisher, that means Jimmy Carter is off the hook to complete the trifecta ("they always die in threes").

Tony_curtis At least Curtis was remembered for Some Like It Hot, as an actor in his own right; Fisher, at his peak the most popular singer in the country over even Sinatra, was called "Carrie Fisher's father."

I remember reading the first deliciously sleazy autobio by Shelley Winters in which she IDed Curtis as her cuz Bernie Schwartz and of course thought he was beautiful and hilarious alongside Marilyn Monroe. 51LroTOvqvL._SL500_AA300_ I also remember reading of his infamously Bronx-accented line "yonda lies da castle of my fadda" from The Black Shield of Falworth when I was a kid; don't ever let anyone tell you embarrassing moments fade if that embarrassing moment happened to be on celluloid and predated distractions such as the Internet.

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